27 Amazing Halloween Makeup Ideas to Delight And Terrify Your Friends

Halloween makeup ideas will soon be the topic of every girl’s conversation. From sexy vampires to fancy fairies to sugar skull makeup, the possibilities for fun and creative Halloween face paint and makeup ideas are endless!

Halloween makeup gives you plenty of room for personalization and experimentation! You can create a look that’s all your own. Or you can copy one of these popular looks.

From vampire makeup too scary clowns, we got you covered. Don’t forget to pin your favorites to delight and terrify your friends this Halloween.

Halloween Makeup

Source: Kamilabravo via Instagram

Devil in a red dress? This sexy devil look is perfect for those who want to show their dark side. The fiery combo of colors is so brilliant. Don’t forget your horns!

Vampire Makeup

Source: Roxettearisa via Instagram

Vampires are everywhere today! And if you want to be the hottest vampire in town, copy this seductive look! The blood of your victims looks good on you!

Fantastic Rag Doll

Source: Ellie35x via Instagram

This fun yet creepy look is not for the faint of heart. Sugar skull makeup is all the rage and this look is no exception! Your friends won’t even know it’s you!

Evil Minnie Mouse

Source: Gemmaisabellamakeup via Instagram

Who says Disney characters always have to be sweet and innocent. This evil Minnie Mouse look will show off your dark side.

Cotton Candy Clown

Source: Atleeeey via Instagram

Not all clowns have to be scary! This cotton candy makeup art with matching wig is so cute and girly if you want a playful look!

Gold Skull Makeup

Source: Erikamariemua via Instagram

All that glitters is gold and this look certainly shimmers! Show ‘em that you are both sassy and a bit scary with this unique eye-catching look!

Halloween Nurse Makeup

Source: Ellie35x via Instagram

Wanna play the naughty nurse? You will certainly drive men wild with this seductive look!

Gangster Clown

Source: Iluvsarahii via Instagram

This look is simple yet so stunning. If you want to rock the gangster chic look then this look was tailor made for you!

Spider Woman Look

Source: Deneandale via Instagram

Why does Spiderman have all the fun? Set his Spidey senses on fire with this superhero look with a feminine sex appeal that will drive any man wild!

Angel Makeup Idea

Source: Sarahnewsfx via Instagram

Your eyes will resemble the wings of an angel if you draw streaks with white liner and add sparkling sequins. That is how divine beauty looks like.

Glam Skull Makeup

Source: Jessicarose_makeup via Instagram

Skull makeup leaves plenty of room for creativity. This skeleton smile will leave ‘em wondering if you’re naughty or nice!

Werewolf Halloween Makeup Ideas

Source: Bella__makeup via Instagram

Ready to show everyone that you are not the girl to mess with? Try this sexy and fierce werewolf face paint for a look that will terrify your victims!

Cheshire Cat

Source: Jadedeacon via Instagram

Who says that Cheshire Cat is a he? You can be the cutest cat from Wonderland. This makeup is quite heavy, but you will definitely be a star at any party. And contact lenses will help you to look more natural, or dreamlike? Ok, that’s a controversial point. What we do know is that you will have much fun!

Harley Quinn

Source: Nikkifrenchmakeup via Instagram

Harley Quinn is one of the sexiest super villains to hit the big screen. Duplicate this look to stop every man dead in his tracks this Halloween!

Glam Sugar Skull

Source: Dadollitaz via Instagram

This look will take some time to perfect, but we promise that it’s worth the effort! Sugar skull makeup is so pretty and this look is just stunning!

White Sugar Skull

Source: Megnic_ via Instagram

Another popular sugar skull makeup idea for Halloween is this pure white sugar skull face mask. It may take a little practice and a steady hand, but this look will be sure to capture everyone’s eye this Halloween!

Cracked Skull Makeup

Source: Amysmakeupbox via Instagram

Can’t decide if you want to embrace good or evil? This cracked skull makeup embodies the best of both worlds!

Skull Halloween Makeup Ideas

Source: Brittanyivery via Instagram

This sugar skull makeup look with pretty pastels and pearls is stunning. However, it still shows that you are no one to mess with!

Half Skull Look

Source: Giamariewaits via Instagram

Good vs evil? Who will win? Only you can decide with this sexy skull makeup effect!

Bicentennial Robot

Source: Iluvsarahii via Instagram

Terminator? Or humanoid? No one but you will know the truth. This clever makeup look is trendy and chic for a sexy playful vibe!

Evil Nun Look

Source: Ashleyhawmakeup via Instagram

Catholic school girls everywhere have had nightmares about evil nuns for years. Break the habit and get ready to shock even the most devout Catholic with this morbid motif!

Valentine’s Day Skull

Source: Voodoobarbiedoll via Instagram

How to glam up skull makeup? Let the skull makeup be Valentine’s Day-themed. This idea is really unexpected. But sometimes love is killing, right?

Scary Skull Look

Source: Sndrmakeup via Instagram

This look will work for babes who are sick and tired of being nice and plan on painting Halloween red.

Amazing Masquerade Look

Source: Dadollitaz via Instagram

Any update on palace intrigues? Les Liaisons Dangereuses will remain secret unless you wish to make ‘em all jealous!

Charming Peacock Makeup

Source: Typical_white_girl_sfx via Instagram

What can we say, it’s the real body art masterpiece! In case you wish to replicate this look, you will probably have to go to the salon. But it will worth it!

Pink Fairy Idea with Glitter Tears

Source: Typical_white_girl_sfx via Instagram

Opt for this amazing look, and you will feel as if you could whisper commands to flowers. Totally fab and bright, especially with those sparkling rhinestones!

Diamond Skull Makeup

Source: Sarahnewsfx via Instagram

This look with bigger gems is over the top glam. But when it comes to Halloween, there is no such thing as too much.

We hope you have found Halloween makeup ideas to be as intriguing and inspiring as we do! Now start perfecting your look so you can spook all of your friends this Halloween!

Main photo by Voodoobarbiedoll