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It is true that pink lips are trendy disregarding the season. If it’s summer, then this bright color can add some fun hints into your look, and during colder seasons it will brighten up your days and also your mood. But there are always some downsides. The one of pink color is that it will accentuate all the flaws of your lips, if you have any, of course.

Matte Pink Lips

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A matte lip color is on the edge of popularity. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, go for these pastel pink matte lips. This shade will help you finish your angel-like look.

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Glossy Pink Lips

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There is pink lipstick for everyone. No matter what your skin tone is, there always will be a shade that flatters you. Go for this bright pink with neon touch, if you are fair-skinned.

Attractive Pink Lips

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Matte lilac lips look gorgeous. Ladies with olive skin tones will totally rock this makeup. Add up winged eye makeup, and you are ready to conquer men’s hearts.

Chic Pink Lips

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These chick lips can be a good choice even for the formal meeting. Not too bright and not too subtle, just perfect enough to look charming but not aiming at making a strong impression.

Vivid Pink Lips

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When you are looking for something to make a statement with, go for pink ombre lips. This transition from soft baby pink to dark red can’t go unnoticed.

Stylish Pink Lips

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Bright pink lip makeup is the best for sweet girls. If you pair it with smokey eyes makeup, there is hardly any occasion you won’t fit in!

Trendy Pink Lips

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Pink glittery gloss is the definition of something more than feminine and gentle. Using it with neutral makeup will grant you the aura of innocence. It may be false, but…

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