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When you take before and after makeup photos, sometimes it is difficult to believe that the same person is shown in both. But indeed, great is the power of makeup! Besides, not only makeup has the power to make you look better but it can also make you feel better about yourself. Women tend to feel less confident without makeup. And after putting it on, they change completely.

Makeup for Oblong Faces

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Makeup for Oblong Faces picture2
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There is no such thing as the best makeup for everyone. Makeup is individual for everyone. You may try some trendy ideas. But anyway they will look different on you and on Kim.

Stunning Before and After Makeup with Smokey Eyes

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Stunning After Makeup with Smokey Eyes picture1
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Stunning After Makeup with Smokey Eyes picture3

You hear about makeup ideas from everywhere. Yet, try not to give in to the temptation straight away. At first you should choose what for you need makeup, and after that you go and get it, doll!

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