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Choosing the best eyeliner style might be a pretty difficult task. However, difficult does not mean impossible. There are just several things to consider like your age, the occasion, complexion, eye color and shape. Eyeliner will instantly accentuate your eyes and create a more dramatic look. Here we have gathered the brightest and sexiest looks with eyeliner for your endless scrolling enjoyment!

Cat Eye Eyeliner Style

Source: Makeupbyan via Instagram, Easygolding via Instagram, Penelopeobeso via Instagram
Cat Eye Eyeliner Style picture1
Cat Eye Eyeliner Style picture2
Cat Eye Eyeliner Style picture3

If you already know how to apply eyeliner, none of these looks will be complicated for you to pull off.

Different Winged Eyeliner

Source: Giuliannaa via Instagram, Shivangi.11 via Instagram, Styledbysahar via Instagram
Different Winged Eyeliner picture1
Different Winged Eyeliner picture2
Different Winged Eyeliner picture3

Winged eyeliner is quite a sultry style. Every guy would wonder where this kitty goes every night.

Best Eyeliner with Glitter

Source: Jasmijniris via Instagram, Makeupbyan via Instagram, Penelopeobeso via Instagram
Best Eyeliner with Glitter picture1
Best Eyeliner with Glitter picture2
Best Eyeliner with Glitter picture3

Eyeliner with glitter will ensure that you receive a really heavy dosage of true glam-rock. These looks will work for the most precious moments with your girlfriends, when you gather to share all those nasty secrets.

Best Eyeliner with Colored Wings

Source: Dianamaria_mua via Instagram, Makeupbyan via Instagram, Dianamaria_mua via Instagram
Best Eyeliner with Colored Wings picture1
Best Eyeliner with Colored Wings picture2
Best Eyeliner with Colored Wings picture3

Making a fashion statement has never been easier. Just stop sticking to black eyeliner and go for something brighter instead.

Pin-Up Eyeliner Style

Source: Makeupbyevva via Instagram, Anneloesdebets via Instagram, Miaumauve via Instagram
Pin up Eyeliner Style picture1
Pin up Eyeliner Style picture2
Pin up Eyeliner Style picture3

What to choose, a classic or a modern pin up? Let the classics meet and intertwine with the modern for a look that is totally up to date.

Arabic Eyeliner Style

Source: Giuliannaa via Instagram, Littledustmua via Instagram, Easygolding via Instagram
Arabic Eyeliner Style picture1
Arabic Eyeliner Style picture2
Arabic Eyeliner Style picture3

If you do decide to opt for an Arabic eyeliner style, oh babe, you will break so many hearts! Those eyes will do all the talking!

Luxe Eyeliner Style

Source: Shivangi.11 via Instagram, Makeupbymeggan via Instagram, Glambynb via Instagram
Luxe Eyeliner Style picture1
Luxe Eyeliner Style picture2
Luxe Eyeliner Style picture3

Are there colors of success? Well, when we see these looks, we start thinking that there are. Pick one of these luxurious makeup looks, and success will follow you whenever you go.

The world of makeup is changing, fresh ideas appear every minute, and in case you want to stay posted – keep up with us! All the fresh ideas can be found here!

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