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When it comes to the best liquid eyeliner ideas, opinions vary. And there is no wonder why. We all have different face shapes as well as different eye shapes. Therefore, something that suits one eye shape will be a great no-no for the other. But there are trends to follow and there is nothing we can do but bring the freshest ones to your attention.

Best Eyeliner Trends

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Among best eyeliner trends, the cat eye stands out the most. No matter the time, it seems not to go out of fashion, it only gets upgraded. Just pay attention to this simple black eyeliner with the addition of gold sparkles. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Winged Eyeliner

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The ways of using winged eyeliner are extremely versatile. But there are those who think that usual is boring. For those ladies we suggest a combination of winged eyeliner with a bright blue and white underline.

Colored Best Liquid Eyeliner

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When classic becomes boring, it is time to experiment. What we have in mind is the same technique but the different color. How do you feel about charming teal winged eye? Sounds intriguing, right?

Pin-up Eyeliner

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It seems that the past trends are coming into fashion again. Retro style winged eyes are becoming popular these days, too. And what can be better that a charming combination of pin-up eyeliner and shimmery blue eyeshadow?

Arabic Eyeliner Style

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Arabic eyeliner style is something admired these days but yet undiscovered to the fullest. To create that mesmerizing look, you need to be precise enough to succeed in a smooth outline. After that pick any eyeshadow you like to deepen your look.

Luxe Eyeliner Style

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There are times when it seems that the eyeliner itself is totally not enough. What should you do? The answer is simple – opt for something as gorgeous as this combo of purple shades and winged eye. Do not forget to highlight the corners, gold eyeshadow will do best.

Best Liquid Eyeliner for Any Occasion

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Sometimes it becomes difficult to suit your makeup for any occasion. But we may have something that can be helpful. That is the combination of two trendy, yet, classy styles – a classic smoky together with classic winged eye.

Best Liquid Eyeliner Ideas to Get the Perfect Wing Infographic

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