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The best under eye concealer is the one that is applied correctly. Really, even the most expensive, quality concealer won’t work wonders if you have no idea how to use it. And we babes do need to involve this beauty product into our daily makeup routine. Stress and lack of sleep are the problems that most of us face and then we see the results on our face. Dark circles, puffiness, broken capillaries, and wrinkles can really spoil the appearance unless we hide them. Let’s learn how!

Tools to Apply Foundations and Concealers

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There are several tools that can help you to apply foundations and concealers so that the product is blended thoroughly and serves its purpose. First, you can use a brush. Keep in mind that a natural makeup brush is softer and won’t irritate the sensitive skin under the eyes as much as a synthetic brush does. However, a natural brush won’t work for people who are prone to allergies.

That’s where a sponge comes in. It’s quite soft, even softer than a brush. Plus, its bigger surface allows for a smoother blend.

And makeup artists agree that nothing is as effective as fingers when it comes to the application of concealers and foundations. The choice is yours!

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Concealer Before or After Foundation

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Concealer before or after foundation? That is the question that often bothers our mind, right, girls? Well, opinions vary, but here is the valid view expressed by two makeup artists: choose the option that suits you, and only you, best. Apply foundation first if you feel as if your face is naked without it. Then apply concealer where it’s needed. Or, if you don’t wish to go heavy with foundation, hide dark circles and other flaws with concealer and then apply light foundation or BB cream.

Best Under Eye Concealer to Hide Flaws

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When you shop, you probably notice that concealers come in several colors. The most common are peach, yellow, and light. But what’s the difference? Well, yellow concealers deal with muting out any possible redness as well as warming up any cool undertones. Peach concealers will be helpful in case the tones under your eyes are blue or purple but your skin tone is fair. As for light concealers, they are great for light skin tones with peach or light neutral undertones.

Best Under Eye Concealer Application Ideas Erase Puffiness Dark Circles and Other Flaws Infographic

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