21 Makeup Looks for Babes with Blue Eyes: It’s Time for an A-Game

If you have blue eyes, you might wonder which colors can take them from just pretty to completely irresistible. And some of the colors will definitely surprise you. Not only neutral, but also warm, cold, and the combination of warm and cold hues can compliment your beautiful eye color. Scroll down and get many ideas how to do your makeup if your eyes are blue.

Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyed Girls

As you can see, these smokey eye makeup looks are spiced up with interesting eyeliner choices. Double line as well as liner in a contrasting color against eyeshadow is quite uncommon, but a blue-eyed babe can have it all!

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Smokey Eye Makeup for Blue Eyed Blonde

These smoky eye makeup looks will truly compliment babes whose hair is blonde and whose eyes are blue.

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Trendy Makeup for Blue Eyes

Pink lips and lilac and purple eyeshadow, isn’t that too much? Not if you wish to go for a Barbie look.

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Bright Eye Makeup for Brunettes with Blue Eyes

These makeup looks are ideal for brunettes who love getting more adventurous. Bright eyeshadow combos will be great for a night out.

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Warm and Cold Hues

It might seem that combining warm and cold hues is not a really good idea when it comes to your eye makeup. However, your eye color allows for that unusual combination. Go for it, babe!

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Makeup for Redhead Blue Eyed Girls

If your hair is red and your eyes are blue, that is what you should opt for:
– Warm earth tones like nude coffee, peach, or pinkish brown;
– Copper, gold, or bronze eyeshadow;
– Darker purples like deep plum;
– Navy liner rather than the black one that might create a too drastic contrast against your fair complexion and thus make you appear gothic (unless it’s your purpose, of course).

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Colorful Eyeshadow and Blue Eyes

If you are going to a party, you can totally rock super-bright eyeshadow combinations. Such makeup will appear especially daring with your eye color.

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