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Contouring makeup: first of all, let’s define the term as, naturally, not all of us are professional makeup artists. Therefore, not all of us know what it is. So, what is contouring? It is shading certain areas that you wish to reshape or define. For example, your chin, nose, cheekbones, and forehead. A not shimmery product like pencil, cream, or powder in 1-2 shades darker than your current skin tone is used for that.As you have probably heard, contour makeup is applied along with highlighting. Highlighting helps you to accentuate certain areas of the face. And a product that is 1-2 shades lighter than your current skin tone is applied. Now let’s discuss the techniques in greater detail.

Makeup Products

Get the appropriate makeup base:

We are sure that you have noticed a contour kit in all collections of well-known makeup brands. But how to apply it and what other products do you need? When it comes to any makeup, it all starts with a base, and it’s the rule to remember. You can apply the base, using primer, foundation, and concealer.

  1. Primer is necessary for the contouring makeup to last for a long time. It will make the skin clean and smooth, which is a must for contouring. But go for a matte rather than dewy or shimmery formula. It will be better for contouring;
  2. Foundation will grant you a satiny coverage. When it comes to contouring, liquid-based foundation is advisable. A really light layer will suffice;
  3. Concealer will help you hide those annoying breakouts and blemishes. Opt for a concealer that is lightweight and is capable of blending well;

Now let’s discuss what contouring products to use.

  1. Contouring powder should be 1-2 shades darker comparing to your current complexion. Go for matte bronzer rather than shimmery bronzer that reflects light;
  2. Contouring concealer comes in various formulas. Liquid and cream concealers will blend easier and appear more natural, comparing to powders. Concealer sticks will allow you to totally control the application;

Products to Highlight.

As for highlighting, the rule is quite the opposite: go 1-2 shades lighter, comparing to your current skin tone. As for the formulas, powder, cream, or liquid products can be found to any taste.

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Blending Tools for Contouring Makeup

  1. A contouring brush is angular. It will come in handy when applying the bronzer to your nose, face, and cheeks. It will ensure accurate and precise shadowing;
  2. A highlighter brush has a circular and flat tip. Such a tip will ensure that the application of the highlighting powder is direct and also concise;
  3. A blender brush is necessary to get a more natural finish. When it comes to contouring and highlighting, it’s essential to blend well everything;
  4. A beauty sponge can easily replace a blender brush if needed. Just blend lightly in upward strokes till no color separation and lines are visible;

After applying the base, it is time to contour and highlight, using the products mentioned above. Basically, the technique involves four steps.

  1. Mapping. Using a darker product, trace your temples and keep moving towards the hairline if you wish to minimize a large forehead. Next, bring out the cheekbones. To find the area for putting on the pigment, place the fingers on both sides of the face. Where do the fingers dip underneath a bone? The place you are looking for is just above. As for your nose, go either narrower at the very tip or simply carry the line towards the brow for an added width or length;
  2. Blending. Take the blending tool of your choice, dampen it, and work in light circular motions;
  3. Highlighting. Apply a lighter product under the eyes. It is also possible to highlight the central part of the forehead, nose bridge, and your chin. Again, blend well;
  4. Dusting. Apply loose, preferably translucent powder to finish the look;
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Contouring Makeup Rules for Different Face Shapes

Round. Apply a darker shade under your chin, along your jaw line, under your cheekbones and move the line towards your ear. Highlight the upper part of your cheekbones, brow bones, and the central part of your nose.

Oval. Shade under your cheekbones. Highlight above your upper lip, the upper part of your cheekbones, the central part of your nose and also the brow bone.

Square. Add some light to the upper part of your cheeks. Then apply a darker shade underneath. Shade both sides of your jaw line.

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