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Cute eye makeup ideas vary for each and every of us, we can’t deny that. Yet, there are universal trends to take into consideration, right? So, the least we can do is to bring the newest trends to your attention. And you will make up your mind on what is best for you, personally.

Glitter Cat Eyes

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Easy eye makeup can be vivid, too. So, sometimes it is best to refuse from regular black winged eye makeup in favor of something brighter. Like this purple cat eye with glitter. Looks amazing!

Pink Glitter EyeLiner

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Pink Glitter EyeLiner picture1
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Pretty eye makeup with pink involved can be very daring. Just one look at this red-shaded eyeshadow in a combination with pink glittery winged eye style will prove us right.

Colorful Graphic Liner

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Colorful Graphic Liner picture1
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Colorful graphic liner is still pretty uncommon when it comes to eye makeup. Nevertheless, it looks fantastic. This fabulous transition from blue into purple and green can’t leave anyone indifferent.

Pretty Eye MakeUp

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Have you even tried to use white eyeliner instead of black? If you have, then you know how perfect it looks when combined with gold smokey and white waterline.

Colorful Smokey Eyes

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Colorful Smokey Eyes picture1
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Not only classic smokey can attract adoring gazes. Something out of ordinary like the combination of sheer black and deep blue can do the trick, too. It seems like you are looking straight into the heart of night, doesn’t it?

Black EyeLiner Styles

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Black EyeLiner Styles picture1
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When the simple addition of black eyeliner is getting boring, the outlining comes in. Any bright outline can upgrade your regular smokey; how about bright blue? Sounds interesting, right?

Cute Eye MakeUp Ideas

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Why not shape your regular makeup differently? What is more, why not add some fancy sparkles to the lower lash line? Sometimes it is nice to get crazy!

Easy Eye MakeUp Ideas

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If there is anything easier than this cute neutral-colored shimmery winged eye look, then we are unaware of it. Yet, the beauty of it lies it its ability to suit any outfit for any occasion. Try it and you won’t regret!

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