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Dusty rose lipstick is the one you should get excited about when it comes to autumn. Of course, that is not the shade that will be screaming for attention the moment you put it on. But do you really need that much of attention when everything is so bright and charming around you? We thought so, that is why we gathered here the gorgeous rose shades to pull off this fall.

Matte Lipsticks

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Matte lipsticks are trending these days, there is not even a slightest doubt about that. So, why not mix two trends in one? Matte dusty rose lips look perfect, don’t you think?

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Best Liquid Lipstick

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The best liquid lipstick is, of course, optional for every one of us. But having one of those dusty rose-shaded ones is totally a must. No objections are accepted here!

Dusty Rose Lipstick Ideas

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The beauty of dusty rose shades is that they are extremely versatile, it is even difficult to believe. The dark glossy shade looks marvelous on its own, but mix it with the neutral smokey, and the look worthy of a queen is granted!

Charming Lip Colors

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Some of you may think that rosy shades are useless since they are so close to your natural lip color that there is no point in putting them on. That is where you would be wrong. And one look at these tasty lips will prove us right!

Dusty Rose Lipstick Shades

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Dusty rose shades are something in-between pink and purple colors. They can be perfectly nude and barely-there looking. Or, they can make a good statement, like this dark dusty rose lip shade.

Pretty Shades of Lipstick

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Even terracotta hints are present in some of dusty rose shades. And we must admit that darker shades with terracotta hues look simply majestic. Sometimes it is even difficult to take the eyes off!

Cute Makeup Looks

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Sometimes you have a great makeup in mind that you totally want to pull off today but have no clue what to combine it with. And this is where the dusty rose power bursts in! Do not thank us!

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