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Unusual Easter Makeup Routines For You

Easter makeup has been one of the hottest topics on the web recently, and we know why. It is such a great holiday that reminds us of light and happiness so, what should we do in our makeup to match this mood? Some people prefer having the natural makeup this day in order to not have “too much” on their faces. However, even on such a beautiful spring day, we should add some brightness and color to our make-up routine. Who says you can’t be elegant playing with colorful eyeshadow?

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Power Pink

Source: mariagabriela_mua via Instagram, kaylahagey via Instagram, mariagabriela_mua via Instagram
Power Pink picture 1
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Looking for a cute Easter makeup look? Here it is! Colorful, playful and so sweet. It is everything you want to try on a wonderful spring day. We associate power pink makeup looks with blooming flowers. Do you want to become one of them? Many makeup experts came to the conclusion that this year using pink eyeshadow to do the cut-crease or the colorful smoked wing is a great idea. You can create whatever you want with a pink eyeshadow, whether it’s a light natural makeup look or a really intense smoky. Mostly it depends on the effect you want to get. Try our tutorial on how to make a natural pink glam eye makeup look:

  1. Pick the natural colored pink eyeshadow and apply it to your crease and a bit higher.
  2. Blend the crease eyeshadow perfectly to get a beautiful fading of color from your crease to the space a bit higher.
  3. Add some pop of shine with the help of the light shimmery pink eyeshadow to make the accent on the gradient effect we made in the crease.
  4. Apply some highlighter eyeshadow to the inner corner and the brow bone.
  5. Put on some mascara to define your lashes.

Purple Haze

Source: swetlanapetuhova via Instagram, eve_lineczka via Instagram, mariagabriela_mua via Instagram
Purple Haze picture 1
Purple Haze picture 2
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This purple haze eye make-up will definitely stand out amongst other Easter makeup ideas. This eyeshadow color will be perfect to add to your celebration make-up routine. Not too bright but not too neutral also, it is something in between. Colorful but not too “loud” for such a special family holiday. That’s exactly what you will want to try! Different variations of using this color are available. You can create a bright, colorful look with using purple as the main color or you can do the light fading eye makeup with purple and any neutral eyeshadow shade to have the natural but colorful glam. Follow our step-to-step instructions to get the desired light purple make-up:

  1. Add some cool toned neutral eyeshadow to your crease to create a light smoky effect.
  2. Blend it perfectly with your brush.
  3. Start adding some darker purple eyeshadow to your crease to add some definition.
  4. Blend both crease colors together so they become one shade.
  5. Apply a light neutral shimmery shade on the lid.
  6. Put some brighter purple eyeshadow to the place where the darker eyeshadow meets the light shimmery one and blend them to get a mostly invisible gradient effect.
  7. Apply some highlighter shade to the inner corner and the brow bone.
  8. Add some mascara to your long lashes.

Baby Blue Makeup

Source: eve_lineczka via Instagram, makeupbyevva via Instagram, makeupbyevva via Instagram
Baby Blue Makeup picture 1
Baby Blue Makeup picture 2
Baby Blue Makeup picture 3

Why don’t you use some baby blue products in your Easter makeup routine? As a perfect pop of color, it will bring some definition to your eye color and will still be appropriate for your holiday make-up. Different blue eyeshadows and eyeliners are there for you to try something fresh. There are different ways of wearing blue eyeshadow so don’t panic. You don’t have to do the bright blue smoky eye which was popular a decade ago! Just put on some neutral eye make-up adding a bit of definition with color, and you’re done. The bright winged liner is also an option when it comes to baby blue. Add it on top of your black one, and your basic makeup with a hint is ready! Here is a great tutorial using Blue Eyeshadow without making it too much:

  1. Add some brown to your crease to warm up your eye make-up.
  2. Blend it perfectly so there are no harsh lines left.
  3. Add some light golden shimmery eyeshadow to your lid. It would be good if it were mostly translucent cause we don’t want to make an accent on the golden eyeshadow.
  4. Put the same warm brown crease color close to your lower lash line.
  5. Take a blending brush and lightly blend it.
  6. Take some light baby blue eyeshadow and put it onto your eyelid. Make sure to blend the edges between your crease color and this bright one.
  7. Use some eyeliner to put on a wing and some mascara to complete the look.

A Win-Win Combination

Source: mariagabriela_mua via Instagram, kaylahagey via Instagram, eve_lineczka via Instagram
A Win Win Combination picture 1
A Win Win Combination picture 2
A Win Win Combination picture 3

Baby blue and pink eyeshadow will definitely become your win-win combination! You may wonder how to mix such bright colors together? Easily! Different variations are available. You can blend them perfectly to get an ombre effect; you can put them as the main colors onto your lid, smoke out your liner with them or use one for an upper lid and another for a lower one. The choice is yours. For spring makeup those colors are gorgeous, there’s no doubt about it. Try the most popular variant of mixing blue and pink together for an Easter makeup look, and you won’t be able to resist wearing it more often:

  1. Put a neutral color in the crease.
  2. Blend it out until there are no harsh lines.
  3. Add more crease color onto the lid and blend it to get a smoky eye effect.
  4. Apply some shimmery pinky shade all over brown but leave a small spot for your blue eyeshadow.
  5. Make a gradient effect from light blue eyeshadow to pink one on your lid.
  6. Use some eyeliner to put on a wing on your upper lid.
  7. Apply some highlight shade to the inner corner and the brow bone.
  8. Put on some mascara on your lashes.

Fancy Easter Makeup With Spring Blooms

Source: monomolove via Instagram, monomolove via Instagram, monomolove via Instagram
Fancy Easter Makeup With Spring Blooms picture 1
Fancy Easter Makeup With Spring Blooms picture 2
Fancy Easter Makeup With Spring Blooms picture 3

Holiday is a time for bold experiments. What do you think about these makeup ideas with tiny spring flowers? We think it looks gorgeous!

Easter Makeup With Glitter Accent

Source: forgetmenotchloe via Instagram, forgetmenotchloe via Instagram, forgetmenotchloe via Instagram
Easter Makeup With Glitter Accent picture 1
Easter Makeup With Glitter Accent picture 2
Easter Makeup With Glitter Accent picture 3

You can upgrade any makeup look using glitter. Just apply eyeshadow of your choice, and use eyeliner to make the look expressive. Then add a glitter line on the upper eyelid to finish your amazing makeup. And voila!

Easter Makeup in Pastel Shades

Source: beautsoup via Instagram, paisleymattes via Instagram, ohmygeeee via Instagram
Easter Makeup in Pastel Shades picture 1
Easter Makeup in Pastel Shades picture 2
Easter Makeup in Pastel Shades picture 3

Pastel colors makeup can leave you speechless the first time you hear about it, but we are here to reassure you that there is nothing to worry about. Pastels are perfect to make you look soft, flirty but without turning your look into too much. Their texture gives you the pleasure of combining any colors you prefer with them blending perfectly with each other for your Easter make-up. Lipsticks, eyeshadows, liners – all of them are available on the market in pastel colors. Using the pastel lipstick is such a good idea for your holiday makeup! Put on the natural eye makeup and add some pop of color to your lips and, we promise you, your look will leave everyone speechless in a good way! When it comes to pastel eyeshadow, you should just choose the color that will match your mood and show your creativity! Yellow, blue, pink, green and purple – any color you want is available to create the most beautiful glam. Follow our tutorial on the eye makeup look with the pastel color you would like to try:

  1. Prime your eyelids with the eyeshadow primer. When it comes to using pastel eyeshadow, always remember to prime your eyelids so that the color will be visible on a white canvas the primer will create.
  2. Put a light pastel color in your crease and blend it perfectly to get a soft effect. You can add more eyeshadow to get the look brighter, but for Easter, in our opinion, a small pop of color will be enough.
  3. Apply the darker pastel color eyeshadow to the corner of your eye to put an accent.
  4. Add some light shimmery or matte eyeshadow to your lid.
  5. Apply some highlighter shade to the inner corner and the brow bone.
  6. Put on some mascara on your eyelashes.

Natural Easter Makeup

Source: cindysvanity via Instagram, klaudiabadura via Instagram, denitslava via Instagram
Natural Easter Makeup picture 1
Natural Easter Makeup picture 2
Natural Easter Makeup picture 3

Do you prefer staying natural for your Easter makeup? Not a problem. We can definitely help you add some twist to your make-up without it being too much. There are different options when it comes to natural eye makeup looks. Brown, pink or just a light color can be included into your make-up look for it to be as neutral as possible. Don’t think that natural eye makeup looks are boring just find what your heart desires for such a lovely day as Easter and make it work for you. Are you interested? Then follow our instructions and get the glam as natural as possible.

  1. Pick the natural color eyeshadow, preferably a cool brown one, and put all over your eyelids. This color will be the brightest in your look so don’t be afraid of it not being completely translucent.
  2. Take your brush and blend it perfectly to get a bit of a smoky eye effect, but don’t get into it too much. Don’t overdo it.
  3. Add some light eyeshadow on top to brighten the eye make-up. You can use a shimmery one to make your eyes pop.
  4. Put some highlighter on your brow bone and the corners of your eyes.
  5. Apply some mascara to your eyelashes.

Coral Splash

Source: ohmygeeee via Instagram, lindahallberg via Instagram, ohmygeeee via Instagram
Coral Splash picture 1
Coral Splash picture 2
Coral Splash picture 3

Finally, a make-up look with the accent on the lips! Are you ready for a great coral splash? The best about this make-up is that we can put the natural eye make-up to match the color of our lipstick and make them work perfectly together. Coral is a color that says it all. You don’t need to add anything more to it, it will definitely be the brightest on your face. Bold, fresh, but still not too much. This glam with the coral lipstick will bring you compliments from people who are not even interested in make-up. Remember that it is important to find the right shade of the coral lipstick to match your skin color. Also, take into consideration that such bright orangey lipstick can make your teeth appear a bit yellow if you don’t use the right shade. For most of the cool skin tones, a cold undertone one will be as good as a warmer toned one for those with the warmer skin. Just try wearing this bright lipstick, and you will be shining at your Easter celebration!

Main photo by Denitslava

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