15 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas to Have Fun with Friends

Easy Halloween makeup seems to be something improbable. As every time you imagine something easy you notice that it is also not that fun. That is, cool makeup for Halloween is complicated – that is what we all believe. However, that is so wrong. And we can prove that here, in this post, where you can find simple and hot looks for Halloween.

Skull Makeup Ideas

Skull makeup looks quite spooky. But it’s Halloween after all, when else will you have a possibility to scare neighboring kids?

Source: Eliseeliciousmakeup via Instagram

Source: Chrisspy via Instagram

Source: Chrisspy via Instagram

Clown Makeup Looks

We think that these clown makeup looks are unique as they miraculously combine scary and sexy.

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Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

This Halloween you can choose any fantastic creature image you like because that is what is trending this fall.

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Cartoon Pop Art

Ask your makeup artist to recreate one of these looks on your face, and you will instantly turn into a comic book character.

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Easy Halloween Makeup Looks

When scary makeup involves 3D elements, it becomes even more bloodcurdling. One of these looks can really complement your costume.

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Main photo by Jeamileth