Egg Face Mask Recipes to Make Your Skin Fresh and Younger

When it comes to an egg face mask, it becomes difficult to list all of the benefits it possesses. As it has the magic powers to clean and tighten your skin as well as moisturize and nourish it. And that is only the top of the list, and that is why eggs are an irreplaceable ingredient in many masks.

Egg Mask with Lemon to Fight Acne

We all know a coconut oil face mask for its anti-acne powers. But egg white with lemon juice are no worse for the same purpose. These ingredients have oil control and pore tightening abilities. Plus, plus lemon juice due to antibacterial properties kills all the nasty germs.

Source: Liz West via Flickr, Andrew Comings via Flickr, Steven Jackson via Flickr

Acne-Cleaning Egg Face Mask

There is nothing complex about how to make a face mask. Just mix all the ingredients, like lemon juice, egg white and honey, together. Then apply onto your skin and gently scrub it off after 10 minutes. Now you can enjoy your smooth acne-free face.

Source: Liz West via Flickr, Andrew Comings via Flickr, PaPisc via Flickr

Egg White Face Mask with Yogurt for Combination Skin

Egg white mixed with yogurt creates a beautiful face mask that has cleaning and moisturizing abilities. Moreover, some people say that this is the best alternative to Botox. Ready to try?

Source: Liz West via Flickr, Marco Verch via Flickr

Hydrating Egg White Face Mask

People with dry skin can benefit from egg white masks, as well. Just mix avocado, egg white, and yogurt to treat your skin with perfect hydration remedy. Enjoy your healthy skin!

Source: UnknownNet Photography via Flickr, Liz West via Flickr, Larry Jacobsen via Flickr

Egg-Yolk Anti-Aging Face Mask

We described the magic properties of egg white but what about yolk, is it useless? Not at all! Combined with olive oil and bananas it will make the perfect anti-aging mask. Only 15 minutes, and your face is fresh and young again!

Source: Emilian Robert Vicol via Flickr, Neil Conway via Flickr, Pixabay via Pexels