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Eye make up ideas are truly limitless. These days you do not have to stick to the classics only, while working on your makeup. Playing with various color combinations, adding glitter and even drawing on your eyelids has become the regular activity for all the fashionistas. But even the most experienced ladies may not know the tricks we are about to present in this post.

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Brown Eye Makeup

Source: Elymarino via Instagram, Romyglambeauty via Instagram, Rubina_muartistry via Instagram
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The real beauty of brown eye makeup is that it can be any shade you want. Seriously, any eyeshadow color can be pulled off with brown eyes, since there is no color that does not flatter such eyes. Blue smokey would not be the exception, see for yourself!

Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

Source: Pinkperception via Instagram, Rubina_muartistry via Instagram, Tatianaofficial via Instagram
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When it comes to eye makeup for blue eyes, you may want to turn to the source. What we have in mind is the classic smokey eye makeup with not less classic red lips. Combined together, the two look unforgettable.

Attractive Eye Make Up

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For those who follow the rule the darker the more attractive, we have a suggestion, too. The combination of dark red lipstick and vivid winged eye makeup with the addition of reddish shades looks spectacular!

Smokey Eyes Makeup

Source: Pinkperception via Instagram, Glitz_n_glam via Instagram, Melissasamways via Instagram
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Space themes are conquering the world of fashion, and the world of eye makeup couldn’t simply stand aside. That is why this space-themed smokey eye makeup looks so stunning and extraordinary!

Charming Makeup Ideas

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Sometimes all you need to look charming is the correctly chosen makeup. Just have a look at this soft cut crease makeup. The addition of sparkly liner makes it look super sweet and charming, don’t you think?

Chic Eye Make Up

Source: Romyglambeauty via Instagram, Pinkperception via Instagram, Tatianaofficial via Instagram
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While getting ready for a date, we all think through all the possible details of our look and, of course, the makeup is not to be neglected. Instead of going for regular smokey, why not go for this bright yellow winged eye makeup?

Party Eye Make Up Ideas

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A party is a place where you can pull off your boldest look without the fear of being judged or feeling out of place. That is why this black and white smokey would suit perfectly for such an occasion. Not to mention the super magnetic vibe your look will have.

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