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The perfect eyeliner wing is something that we all crave but dare not to try out since we are afraid of the failure. And that is understandable, since mastering this art takes time and effort. And most of the times, you may end up with the ruined makeup. Just one wrong move, and you’re done. But we are not here to scare you. We are here to help you embrace this technique and shine even brighter.

How to Do Eyeliner Wings

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The question how to do eyeliner wings is on the top of all makeup charts. And there is no wonder why, taking into consideration the popularity of this makeup trend. Using one of these easy tutorials, you will always be a step ahead.

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Colored Perfect Winged Eyeliner

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The perfect winged eyeliner comes in so many shades and colors that it is difficult to describe all of them. But if you want to be different, then white winged eyeliner is what you are looking for!

Pin-up Eyeliner Wing

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Pin-up eyeliner is very popular these days. That is why not to lag behind, you should try this bright makeup. The peach shades in addition to winged liner look so tasty, don’t you think?

Feline Eyeliner

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If you aim at the sassiest look, then this is what you are looking for. Charming black smokey eye makeup with silver highlights in the corners looks irresistible!

Egyptian Eyeliner Style

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Who wouldn’t like to try to replicate the stunning makeup Cleopatra used to wear? And with this stunning copper-shaded makeup in front of you, you are bound to try it!

Arabic Eyeliner Wing

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To pull off an Arabic liner look, you should possess not only the skill but also the courage to put it on. If these two are on your side, then gold-shaded solid eyeliner eye makeup can’t wait for you to show it off!

Luxe Eyeliner

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The sole eye makeup role is to enhance the beauty of your eyes. And nothing can do better at accentuating the magic of emerald green eyes than the dark red-shaded eye makeup. Would you agree?

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