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Smokey eye makeup is as classy as a little black dress or French manicure. It defines the sexiness, femininity and uniqueness of every woman. Sometimes it seems that it is too difficult to recreate it. That is where you are wrong and we will prove you the opposite!

Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas

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Nowadays any smokey eye tutorial will make you a fashion icon and a beauty expert in no time! You just need to pick the occasion where you will wear the stunning gold smokey makeup. With eyes like these, you will outshine even the queen!

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Fabulous Smokey Eye Makeup

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Blue smokey eye make-up is almost traditional but a bit diverse. Yet, it is perfect for blue-eyed beauties. It will accentuate your eyes. And with a bit of glittery eyeshadow, it will make diamonds out of your eyes!

Smokey Eye Makeup Looks

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Combining smokey eyes with metallic colors is more than trendy this season. Just look at this transition from gold to dark brown smokey. Add up coral lip gloss, and your seductive look is ready!

Attractive Smokey Eye Makeup

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Attractive smokey does not necessarily have to be in dark hues. With this pink, sparkling smokey, your cuteness will be vibrating in the air around! It is the best option for a romantic date.

Smokey Eye Makeup Trends

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There are days when wearing bold colors is not the best option. But do not get upset, as for such days you can wear neutral smokey eyes. This make up will make you look soft and fresh. Sometimes that is all you need!

Chic Smokey Eye Makeup

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Smokey eyes and red lipstick are the killing combo. But make sure that everything is even. Your lines should be sharp and no blurriness is allowed. Otherwise, your killer queen look will be imperfect.

Stylish Smokey Eye Makeup

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For those who crave for a splash of color in their look, purple shades are the best way out. What is more, you can combine gentle purple smokey eyes and lilac matte lips. The effect will be breath-taking!

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