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How to Enhance the Beauty of Different Face Shapes

All face shapes have their beautiful features but they also have some flaws. And these flaws can be fixed with the help of the appropriate makeup. Yes, there are makeup tricks for different face shapes, and every lady should use them to her advantage. And here we will cover this important topic.

But first you need to determine your face shape. What is my face shape, you might wonder. Stand in front of the mirror, take lipstick and outline your reflection. Now when you know your face shape, you are ready to become a makeup pro with us.

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1. Oval Face Shape

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In case you have an oval face, your aim is to make it appear elongated, that is, less oval than it is. To achieve that, you need to focus on the features that are blunt. Well, if there are any, of course. The thing is that most women who have an oval face shape cannot boast on having a sharp, pointed nose. How to fix that? It’s easy to do it with bronzer. Just apply it to the sides of your nose with your fingers. This will create a shadow effect for the sides, while its top will stay lighter and thus heightened. Every makeup artist is familiar with this trick.

As for your eye and lip makeup, focus on either of them. That is, opt for only one accent. Blush will help elongate the face, but apply it to the cheek contours rather than apples.

As a result, your face will appear sleek and glammed up. To enhance the effect, apply blush to both sides of the chin, but in no case to its front. Voila!

2. Oblong Face Shape

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How to compliment an oblong face shape? For example, with the right application of blush for an oblong face. Suck your cheeks and apply light pink blush to them for a look that is plumped up. Then apply darker pink blush to the apples.

Also, it’s advisable to make the eyelashes appear dramatic and bigger. How to do that? Use double curling, that is, curl them after every coat of mascara. Or just apply false lashes.

You can try to get rid of all sharp edges – jaw sides, sharp edges of the nose. Apply bronzer for the shadow effect, but to the top rather than sides this time.

3. Heart Face Shape

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If you have a heart shaped face, your task is to balance it. To achieve that, apply foundation or bronzer (darker than your complexion) to the temple side and chin bottom. And highlighting powder should be applied to the nose top. As for the sides of the nose, it’s better to shadow them with bronzer. Apply blush to your cheek bones in order to accentuate their natural beauty common for this face shape.

As for eye makeup, avoid dark shades and opt for nudes instead. Use light eyeshadow even for evening makeup.

Contour the cheekbones. Use bronzer to trace the cheek hollows.

4. Round Face Shape

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Do you have a round face? When dealing with round face shapes, your task is to make them appear more oval, and contouring will help. Use bronzer to contour your temples and also the lower part of your jaw line. If you do it, your face will look oval. Highlight your forehead, chin, and under eyes area. Thus, the attention will be drawn to the central part of the face.

Define your cheekbones by applying blush beneath them. Or, you can also accentuate your ideal cheek apples if you apply blush directly to them. For a more slimming effect, blush should be applied in upward rather than downward strokes.

5. Square Face Shape

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Are you a lady with a square face? To compliment square face shapes, we need to deal with angles. Start with contouring and apply bronzer to the jaw area and temples. When working on the jaw area, it is better to use a brush that is fluffy. Make sure the application strokes are upward.

Next, use bronzer on your cheek hollows and blush on your cheeks.

Now highlight the highest areas of your temples and cheeks. Apply highlighter in a so-called C-shape.

6. Diamond Face Shape

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Do you have a diamond face shape? Start with making your face appear less long. To achieve that, apply blush in a warm shade right above the eyebrows. Blend it up, closer to the hairline. Work on the pointest areas of the chin, as well.

Next, we need to get more width. Apply highlighter to and also under the cheekbones.

To accentuate the central width, apply blush below the cheeks. Then just blend it a bit across their width.

It is advisable to opt for pale lipstick. Do you know that pale lipstick can create width, as well? Just apply it to the lips and add some highlighter right along the top lip. This will accentuate the natural beauty of the lips.

Are these tips useful? Come check some more! With us you will become a pro in no time!

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