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Galaxy makeup is one of the biggest makeup trends these days. But to tell you the truth, getting there is not that easy. That is due to the fact that this kind of makeup requires some creativity skills, unlike all the other kinds that just help you enhance your natural beauty. But with us you don’t need to worry!

Fairy Makeup Ideas

Source: Atleeeey via Instagram, Xiaxue via Instagram, Pastelheartfrenzy via Instagram
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Fairy makeup was taken to the new level with the introduction of some additional elements to the makeup. For example, this silver-headed lady decided to accentuate the starry palette with purple contacts and purple lips.

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Cute Makeup for a Party

Source: Mirandahedman via Instagram, Lolo_hime via Instagram, Pinpinpinpin via Instagram
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This cute makeup with galaxies involved will make you look special anywhere, including all the parties you attend. For the greater effect, go for the same shades in your hair as well as on your face.

Galaxy Makeup Ideas

Source: Lunafortun via Instagram, No_fan_no_fun via Instagram, Yaelahbro via Instagram
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Adding false lashes is always a good idea. The same is true for the creation of a galaxy look. The lashes accentuate the details drawn on the face so that they look almost real. Try it out!

Fantasy Makeup Looks

Source: Cintigar via Instagram, Lapetitevengeance via Instagram, Vitoriavasconcelos_makeup via Instagram
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If you decide to try to pull off the look of some fantasy creature, then the rule the more the better is totally applicable here. Extend your art from the face to your shoulders and decollate zone to achieve a fantasy sculpture-look. Amazing, isn’t it?

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Source: Ellie35x via Instagram, Kristenscottmakeup via Instagram, Cindercella via Instagram
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When it comes to Halloween, everyone wants to look unique. And what can be more unique-looking than the image created by you? This graphic galaxy art looks simply breath-taking!

Galactic Glam

Source: Heirofglee via Instagram, Ellie35x via Instagram, Giuliannaa via Instagram
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Galactic glam can be so intense sometimes that it almost looks scary. But if that is okay with you, go for it! Just add some tear trails under your eyes and the dramatic look is ready.

Fantastic Galaxy Makeup

Source: Beeneth via Instagram, Minnieangel15 via Instagram, Nekos_fang via Instagram
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There are no boundaries when it comes to creativity. This zipper makeup look could be scary if it wasn’t so beautiful and mesmerizing, not to mention that it is totally creative.

Main photo by Lunafortun

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