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Gold makeup is the first thing that comes to our minds when we think of some important events or occasions. But there is a thin line between looking good with gold eyeshadow on and overusing it. So, for you not to cross that line, we come up with some fresh and trendy ideas. Enjoy!

Gold Smokey Eye Makeup

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One of the most prominent makeup styles that comes to mind first is the smokey eye makeup. Remember that too much is not good at all, but a leveled combination of bronze and gold with black eyeliner will do just fine!

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Gold Makeup With Glitter

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Every kind of pretty makeup should involve glitter. And the gold one is not the exception. This mixture of dramatic cat eye and gold eyeshadow looks stunning. Finish your ready-to-party look with the bronze lipstick. Done!

Charming Rose Gold Makeup

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Rose gold is a recent trend that concerns absolutely everything. That is why rose gold eye makeup looks gorgeous and fashionable, especially when combined with just a drop of glitter.

Gold Cut Crease

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Cut crease makeup has a fantastic ability to outline your eyes. And if you decide to pair it with gold shades, be ready to be the center of attention, no matter where you go! To finish everyone off, go for red matte lips.

Gold Makeup Ideas with Eyeliner

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Gold eyeshadow is one of those which pairs well with black eyeliner, and that is a well-known fact. But what if we tell you that the white eyeliner and gold shadow look fabulous together? Would you dare trying it out?

Light Gold Shades

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You can use the gold shades in your everyday life, too. Just go for lighter shades and no glitter should be involved. Nude matte lip shades will complete the look.

Different Shades of Gold Eye Makeup

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Of course, different gold shades suit different complexions, and before going gold, you should decide what would be best for you personally. If your skin is fair, then you shouldn’t be afraid of darker and warmer shades, and vice versa, if you have a darker complexion.

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