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Something as special as green eye makeup should in no case be left out, right? That is why, green-eyed goddesses, pay attention to this article since we are going to talk about the ways to make your eyes look even more mesmerizing! You should be aware of the shades that make your eyes stand out and of those that do not really do anything.

Dark Eye Makeup Ideas

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Dark eye makeup goes perfectly well with green eyes if you know a trick or two on what else you should add up to it. Have you ever tried complimenting your eye color with something like this?

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Art Eye Makeup Design

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When it comes to pretty eye makeup, each and every one of us may have a different opinion. Yet, there are common things to consider while putting your makeup on.

Pretty Eye Makeup in Green Shades

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It is falsely considered that green on green looks terrible. Well, we think otherwise and present to your attention our green on green ideas. What do you think – it is bad or boring looking, or gorgeous after all?

Cute Green Eye Makeup

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Mixing different colors is never a bad idea. Who knows what recipe you may come up with? Do not be afraid of what people may say – use your imagination!

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