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Halloween makeup: will you do it at home this year or splurge on the ideal and unique image and hire a makeup artist? In case a professional will assist you, you can relax and just pick the look that will make all your acquaintances stare at you in slack-jawed amazement when you pass by. This Halloween party will be wild!

Sugar Skull Makeup

Source: Larlarlee via Instagram, Melissasamways via Instagram, Vicbrocca via Instagram
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Sugar skull makeup is a bit heavy, but it is definitely worth it! These are the most skullspirating looks we have ever seen.

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Zombie Makeup Looks

Source: Maisyreisermakeup via Instagram, Makeupwithjodie via Instagram, Typical_white_girl_sfx via Instagram
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If you are a fan of super yucky makeup for Halloween, then go for zombie makeup. Oh, that looks so natural that the blood starts running cold.

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Source: Alatorreee via Instagram, Larlarlee via Instagram, Izzie_jj via Instagram
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If you wish to appear super sexy and attract much attention at a Halloween party, then one of these looks is for you! Sexy-vampy.

Really Cool Makeup

Source: Allyemx via Instagram, Izzie_jj via Instagram, Jadedeacon via Instagram
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We think that these looks are super extraordinary. Especially the one with a zigzag opening a sparkling universe.

Scary Makeup for Halloween

Source: Allyemx via Instagram, Melania.y via Instagram, Pala_foxxia via Instagram
Scary Makeup for Halloween picture1
Scary Makeup for Halloween picture2
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Did you break up with your boyfriend not long time ago? Project your heartache via one of these torn makeup looks.

Attractive Makeup Ideas

Source: Zuleykasilver via Instagram, Dadollitaz via Instagram, Voodoobarbiedoll via Instagram
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Usually boho is not very Halloweenish, but who says that you cannot take boho to the next level?

Creepy Halloween Makeup

Source: Eva.lamorte via Instagram, Eva.lamorte via Instagram, Ellie35x via Instagram
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Creepy Halloween Makeup picture2
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Your makeup for the Day of the Dead should not necessarily be difficult. You can always paint some blood on your body and go.

Main photo by Dadollitaz

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