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Complete Guide How To Do Eyebrows At Your Disposal

These days the question how to do eyebrows becomes more and more frequent, since eyebrow shapes hit the world of fashion stronger than ever. It happens so, that once you come to understanding that the wrongly picked eyebrow shape adds some few years to your actual age and makes you look older, you try to do your best to choose the perfect one. What is more, even the distance between your brows has a great impact on the way you look. That is why we decided to help you out a little and gathered here the easiest steps and best tips on how to make your brows look perfect and enhance your natural beauty.

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How To Shape Eyebrows – Simple Steps

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How To Shape Eyebrows Simple Steps
Before starting to shape eyebrows, you should know that there is no perfect eyebrow shape for everyone.

The thing is that your perfect shape depends on your face shape greatly. For example, high-arched brows suit best round faces, flat brows suit long faces, with oval faces you can actually pull off any shape, but you should better pay attention to your natural shape. When it comes to heart-shaped faces – curved eyebrows suit them best, square faces beg for angled brows. Now, when you know what shape suits you best, it is time to shape it well.

    1. 1. First of all, you should clean your brows from everything.
    1. 2. Find the perfect start of your brow, it is easier to do that if you place a brush to the side of your nose, where brush points, is your start.
    1. 3. Now, you should find where it should end. That is why you need to place your brush diagonally, starting with the bottom point of your nostril and ending in the upper corner of your brow. Once you find where your brow ends, you need to find the point to create the angle, for that you need to draw an invisible line between the tip of your nose and the middle of your eye.
    1. 4. In order to see what is unnecessary and to be eliminated, you should brush your brow up.
    1. 5. Start filling in your brows with the help of eye pencil. Make sure that the strokes are light and even, so that they almost look like your natural brow hair.
    1. 6. With the help of angled brush and brow powder, you should define the shape of your brow, make sure it is even.
    1. 7. Brush your brows once again so that the color blends in well.
    1. 8. To make sure everything stays in place, you should secure it with brow gel of a suitable shade.
    1. 9. Use translucent powder to highlight the brows.

How to Fill in Eyebrows – Tips You Need To Know

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How to Fill in Eyebrows Tips You Need To Know
In case you are wondering how to do eyebrows shaping process even easier, follow these simple tips:

  • If you are afraid that you can get too carried away with plucking, it is best to fill in your brows with brow pencil first. Once you see a defined shape, there will be no wrong move to take you over the edge.
  • Always pay attention to brow shade charts, since they will help you find that perfect shade you longed for. Or simply use a shade just a tone lighter than your natural hair color.
  • Make sure you are filling in with your pencil correctly, use light strokes that mimic your natural hair best.
  • Use brow gel to make your eyebrows look fuller.
  • In case your brows are too thin, do not be afraid to use all the eyebrow makeup arsenal to make them look their best.
  • You can get too fancy and start contorting your brows. To succeed in that, you need to add some lighter shades to the head of your brow and darker shade to the arch.
  • Take your complexion into consideration while choosing your eyebrow shade.
  • When you learn how to do eyebrows you will learn that outline matters, yet make sure not to overuse the product, it is better to add some more later on than to try to get rid of all the excess product that is already on.
  • Blending matters, keep that in mind!
  • Last but not least, always check the outcome and make sure you are satisfied with it!

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