How to Do Makeup to Get a Wow Effect

How to do makeup like a pro? Well, we have some answers to this painful question here. Surely, not all of us are capable of applying makeup like a professional makeup artist. However, it does not mean that we cannot learn a trick or two, right? Let’s do it now. Scroll down to crack open the makeup knowledge treasury.

Contour and Highlight Your Face

Here are several contouring makeup tips from Rob Scheppy:

  • You will need 3 foundations, the one that is true to you, the one that is one shade darker to create shadows, the one that is one shade lighter to highlight certain areas. Don’t go for a too drastic contrast unless you are a pro makeup artist.
  • Keep the areas that you wish to recede matte rather than shimmery.
  • You can pick sparkling texture for the areas you wish to highlight.
  • These are the areas you’d better darken: the line below the cheekbones, the area near the hairline, the jawline, and the sides of the nose.
  • It’s best to apply lighter concealer to the central flat area of the forehead, under the eyes in a triangular form, the middle of the chin, the strip in the center of the nose.
  • Blending is a must. Dip a sponge in moisturizer to blend away the lines.

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Makeup Tips on How to Fill in Eyebrows

Learn how to fill in your eyebrows, and the problem how to apply makeup flawlessly will be partly solved. Perfect eyebrows are one of the keys to the most complimenting makeup.

  • Start with drawing a line under the brow.
  • Repeat it with the top of the brow. Thus, you outline it.
  • After filling in the brow lightly, use a special brush to remove the excess product, if there is any.
  • Apply light concealer under the brow and blend it with your fingers.

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How to Do Makeup for Eyes Correctly

When you apply eyeshadow, keep in mind that darker shades tend to recede, which makes them best for your crease. As for lighter shades, they tend to make everything come forward, which makes them ideal for the orbital bone and the lid.

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How to Apply Makeup with Eyeliner

Do you know that eye liner can make your lashes appear more voluminous? Line the upper lashline as close to the lashes roots as possible. Smudge the line with a brush after the application to make it a bit blurred.

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Ideas How to Do Makeup for Lips

Yes, honey, looks like someone has gone wild with liner, but why not? This technique is called lips overdrawing and today not only makeup artists are aware of it. To try it, besides matte lipstick and lip liner, which is obvious, you will also need lip gloss, powder, and concealer.

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Are these tips useful? Come check some more! With us you will become a pro in no time!

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