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How to Apply Makeup for Lips to Make Kim K Jealous

Lips: often underestimated but, in reality, a crucial detail of our overall image. But first of all, let’s make sure that you know the basics. Lip makeup starts with lip care, that is the most important rule. And lip scrub is a part and parcel of your makeup kit. Scrub your lip at least once a week. And don’t forget to use lip balm, especially if it’s windy outside, to have the most kissable, pouty lip.

Makeup for your lips might be a pretty tricky task, especially if the shape of your lip requires some fixing. Do you know that there are several types of lip shapes? We will discuss it here. Each shape is not flawless, so we will share some hacks on how to deal with that.

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Top Heavy Lips

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If your full pout is top heavy, your task is to make them seem smaller. With the help of the lip pencil, fill the pout inside their actual line. Finish off with the pout put.

Or even simpler. Just opt for dark pout put, and the tone will do the trick and make the lip appear a bit smaller.

Bottom Heavy Lips

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Is your pout bottom heavy? Such lip shapes are tricky. Apply one shade of pout put on both lips. Now look at your upper lip and find its centre. Ready? Now simply dab the centre with either creamy matte eyeshadow in a nude color or white pencil. Voila, thus the evenness and balance is achieved.

You can also achieve that desirable balance if you just apply pout put in a dark shade.

Flat Lips

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We all dream about cupid’s bow. But what if your pout is flat?

As for pout put shades, it is advisable to give your preference to lighter rather than darker ones if your lips are flat.

When outlining the lips, you can step over the edge for a fuller effect.

Pout put with frosty and shimmery textures can grant you more volume.

The combination of two pout put shades, like ombre, will provide more volume to your lips, as well. In this case, a darker pout put shade is supposed to frame a lighter shade which will be in the centre.

Thin Lips

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If you have thin lips, it is better to avoid pout put in darker shades as they make your lips appear even thinner than they are. Go for lighter tones instead.

To make thin lips appear fuller, go over the edge when applying the lip liner. Then smudge the line a bit.

Overlarge Lips

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Are your lips overlarge? Then your aim is to make them appear softer and more even. Rich matte pout put will do the trick.

Let nude pout put become your best friend.

Small Lips

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Do you have a small pout? To add some fullness, opt for glossy, frosty, and shimmery pout put.

Darker pout put shades will spoil the look.

Soft and vivid pout put will compliment your smaller lip.

Uneven Lips

In case your pout is uneven, the Earth won’t stop spinning. This can be easily visually fixed with the lip liner. Smudge the line and then hide it completely by finishing off with the pout put.

Are these tips useful? Now you know more about different lip shapes. Come check some info! With us you will become a pro in no time!

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