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All Basic Facts About Lipstick Every Woman Should Know

Today we know lipstick as a product wrapped in a beautiful and shiny box. But that was not so earlier. Women have colored their lips for centuries, if not thousands of years. And of course, lipsticks revolutionized. So did the context of wearing them. Thus, there were periods in history when it was more common for men to use lip rouge. And there were times when women could end up burned at the stake for wearing it. But fortunately, times of prejudice are long gone, well, at least in the developed world.

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Lip Rouge Ingredients

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Lip Rouge Ingredients

As for the ingredients, well, can you imagine what did people put in lip rouge a century ago? It’s better not to do that as you might puke at one thought. Do not worry, today the ingredients in quality beauty products are safe and caring.

So, what can be found in today’s lip rouge?

  • Vitamins (usually E, A) that help fight against premature aging, soothe, moisturize the lip skin, neutralize free radicals.
  • Wax that increases the shelf life of the product.
  • Dye that provides color.
  • Fragrance that will grant that you won’t smell other ingredients used.
  • Natural oils that nourish and also protect the lip skin.
  • Silicon that ensures that the color lasts longer.
  • SPF that will grant your lips protection against sun rays and radiation.

Different Types of Consistency

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Different Types of Consistency pictures 1
Different Types of Consistency pictures 2
Different Types of Consistency pictures 3

Lipstick has various types of consistency.

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