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The World Of Makeup Bags Is Not A Mystery Anymore

Has it ever occurred to you that you may choose your makeup bags not in the right way? The thing is that all the ladies pay most attention to what is inside these cosmetic carriers. But we thought that it must be nice to have such a bag that you wouldn’t even be ashamed of to show to someone. Besides, it is nice to have one bag for all but sometimes there is a need for a bag filled with essentials only at hand, we have traveling cosmetic bags in mind. That is why we conducted our own research and came up with some useful info that we think you need to know and we are going to share it with you right now.

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1. Choosing Makeup Bags According To The Size

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The primary purpose of any cosmetic pouch is to serve as your makeup organizer. That is why its size definitely depends on the size of your obsession with makeup. And there are mainly 3 sizes for these organizers.

Small makeup bags – will suit those of you who prefer natural look the most and all that you need to look perfect is a little bit of mascara, a touch of powder and a proper lipstick. Zippered cosmetic bags of size a pencil pouch are the best for this purpose.

Medium-sized bags – are definitely more spacious and will be able to contain a few additional things, such as a foundation, blush and all the rest that you need for a polished look.

Large bags – it goes without saying that large bags are for those fashion followers who can’t leave their house without a perfect and finished makeup on.

2. What To Pay Attention To While Picking A Proper Makeup Bag

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  • Buy cosmetic bags that have a waterproof linen since you never know what may leak in there.
  • Give your preference to makeup bags with compartments so that all of your stuff is properly organized.
  • The benefit of plastic make up bags lies in your ability to spot the thing you are looking for straight away.
  • Last but not least, do not rush into your decision. Have a close look at what you have and how much room you need for that before you go shopping for a new makeup purse.

3. How About Personalized Makeup Bag?

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Apart from designer cosmetic cases, there are also personalized ones. What is so special about the personalized bag you may wonder? The thing that instead of a famous designer’s name there can be your name or monogram. This is not only a nice way to treat yourself with a special present but also a way of ensuring that in case you lose your makeup bag, there is a chance it is going to be returned to you. What is more, when you are opting for a personalized bag you can make sure that no one else will have the same bag since you can choose not only the unique shading and add your name, you can even choose a personal font so that your monogram does not coincide with anyone else’s.

4. Makeup Bags And Their Contents

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It goes without saying that each and every one of us has own preferences as what to carry in their cosmetic bags. Yet, the thing is that when it comes to your makeup container on the go it should be the best cosmetic bag for purse you are going to carry around. That means it should fit in all the essentials, such as:

  • Small perfume
  • Concealer
  • Nail file
  • Hand cream
  • Sunscreen
  • Mirror
  • Powder

Of course, you do have a lot more beauty products, but there is definitely no use of carrying them around. There is a slight chance that you are going to re-do your makeup from the scratch.

5. Suitable Makeup Bags For Traveling

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Travel makeup bags are definitely a must for every lady who goes on a long- or short-term journey from time to time. Yet, before opting for the one you should stop and think for a while – what are you going to need on your journey for sure? Once you figure that out you can go and purchase that one travel bag that will serve you on your trips no matter where you go. We think, that roll up hanger makeup bags are perfect for traveling, but the choice is yours!

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