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All the Essentials About Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is unlikely to go out in the nearest future as, let us be honest, this beauty product is one of the most popular among women all around the globe. Really, even if a woman prefers not to wear any makeup at all, she won’t refuse to let her lips shine. Plus, applying this beauty product doesn’t take much time and effort, which makes it perfect not only for our busy mornings but also for the moments before important meetings or dates when some instant beautifying won’t hurt. And the best news is that unlike a decade ago when this product was worn by young babes, today a woman of any age won’t be fashionably judged when having glossy lips. Considering that all, you will find something useful here, disregarding your age and your lifestyle. Ready?

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Main Rules for Wearing Lip Gloss

  • It is advisable to opt for a SHEER dark or vivid gloss shade. Otherwise, your lip color will resemble patent leather.
  • Have you bought the shade that fails to compliment your complexion? Top it with either clear gloss or even petroleum jelly, and the shade will become more wearable.
  • We know how hard it is to avoid bleeding when you already have some fine lines – cruel enemies that pop around your pretty mouth. Makeup artists advise to pick a hue that is closer to your complexion for the gloss bleeding to be not so obvious.
  • It is a misbelief that sticky and thick formulas are cursed. They are much better than you used to think. They are quite long-lasting and shine really intensively.
  • When wearing lip gloss, always pay attention to the mouth corners. Sometimes saliva mixes with the gloss and the two accumulate in that area, which looks not that aesthetically pleasing. If you notice that this happens to you all the time, your lips probably lack scrubbing. So, include this process in your beauty routine as soon as possible and keep shining.
  • Your lip skin requires constant protection. So, always apply sunscreen to avoid sun damage.
  • Try not to rub the lips together. This gesture works for lipstick, but not for the gloss. Or, you risk at spoiling the look.

Popular Shade in 2018 – Nude

Source: fortheloveofmakeupbaby via instagram, fortheloveofmakeupbaby via instagram, fortheloveofmakeupbaby via instagram
Popular Shade  Nude picture 1
Popular Shade  Nude picture 2
Popular Shade  Nude picture 2

The best part about nude lip shades is that they work great for both subtle and daring eye makeup.

Daring eye makeup + nude lips = the chic look for a special occasion.

Subtler eye makeup + nude lips = the ideal look for the office.

Another Popular Shade in 2018 – Pink

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Another Popular Shade Pink picture 1
Another Popular Shade Pink picture 2
Another Popular Shade Pink picture 3

Glossy pink is totally in this season. This sugary hue will complement any image, which makes it just perfect! Will you opt for a gorgeous hint of pink?

Great Choice in 2018 – Candy Red

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Great Choice Candy Red picture 1
Great Choice Candy Red picture 2
Great Choice Candy Red picture 3

This hue reminds us of oh-so-delicious candy apples. It is bright and vibrant and it will definitely make your lips look kissable.

Now when you are familiar with the hottest color trends 2018, let us see several looks that will come in handy when the holiday season hits.

Cool Holographic Lip Gloss

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Cool Holographic Lip Gloss picture 1
Cool Holographic Lip Gloss picture 2
Cool Holographic Lip Gloss picture 3

We think that Holographic Lip Gloss is truly magical with its spectrum of colors that work together to create an impression of an oil spill. Totally mesmerizing!

Glitter Lip Gloss

Source: sara_mua_ via instagram, sara_mua_ via instagram, maccosmetics_es via instagram
Glitter Lip Gloss picture 1
Glitter Lip Gloss picture 2
Glitter Lip Gloss picture 3

Glitter Lip Gloss appears totally glammed up and will definitely add some holiday vibes to your image. Come meet the fairy-tale!

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