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Complement Your Decor with a Makeup Vanity

A makeup vanity, do you already have one? Today we will tell you that this piece of furniture is not only in trend but also in demand, and here is why. Applying makeup in the ideal way is the real art, and any beauty artist will agree with this statement. Like any artist who has canvas – an area for his or her work, you need to have a makeup desk – a place for yours. If chosen correctly, this place will do wonders an turn your makeup routine into a joyful pastime full of positive energy boost. A quality makeup vanity set will offer you enough space for movement, sufficient space for storage, but also style. Why do you need that?

Believe it or not, but a makeup table will soon become your best friend when it comes to the process of beautifying. Easy access? Check! Keeping all your beauty treasures safe in one place? Check! Saving time every morning? Double check and a smiley! But how to pick the one that will grant all of that? We will explain everything now.

First of all, ask yourself a question, what is the main thing that a vanity must provide?

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Space it Occupies and Offers

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Do you care about space? If that so, then you can surely opt for makeup vanities of the full-wall size with huge mirrors. You might consider a vanity with mirror cabinets of the full length size or special folding storage. The former has a big pro – you can move it easily if needed.

Another good idea how to save your space is to place a makeup vanity table in the corner of your room. Use the vertical space effectively, and your makeup collection will fit in perfectly.

The Best Vanity

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The ideal nook for beautifying begins with picking the desk. If you are able to splurge on it, pick something spacious and practical.

Surely, if you are short of money, you can always use a makeshift desk or a side table as a vanity. However, these alternatives won’t grant you such luxury as comfort and space.

Besides space, make sure that the vanity you pick has a top surface that is not difficult to clean. Glass will work great for this purpose though this material will make the set more expensive. And wood will definitely require some protection as its natural pores will soak in eyeshadow, powder – everything and for good.

The vanity should have enough space underneath for you to slide there a bench or a chair. Otherwise, you won’t be able to see everything clearly and work comfortably.

Consider Material: What about the material of the vanity itself? Most of them are made of wood or its complementaries. Although wood furniture is something to make your home chic, it’s not that practical. The choice also depends on where the vanity will be situated. And if it is made of wood, you cannot install it in your bathroom due to high humidity or in front of the window due to the excessive sunlight. See? A less expensive complementary is much more versatile.

Pick the Ideal Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights

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Believe us, you do not have to doubt whether to opt for a makeup vanity with lights anymore. Some time ago such set was associated merely with status, fame, and money. While now many women, not only Hollywood celebs, feel sensitive about everything that concerns their appearance and thus have every right to install one at home. Let us discuss in detail how to pick it so that you feel like a famous movie star.

  • Fixed or Wall Mounted Mirror
  • As you can guess from the name, such mirror can be mounted on a wall or any other flat surface. The con of such mirror is that it cannot be moved as it is fixed. But the pro is that fixed mirrors tend to be quite large and thus allow for more reflection. Plus, it looks aesthetic and often has wooden finishing.

    Like any makeup vanity mirror with lights, this one can run either on batteries or on electricity. Some beauty addicts buy mirrors that run on both, allowing for a battery backup, and these mirrors are not cheap.

    Pay attention to the lighting itself. What shades does it involve? Lighting is important as it can affect the quality of makeup application. Plus, keep in mind that the light for the daytime application must be completely different from the nighttime one.

  1. Daytime Lighting
  2. The daylight setting is capable of recreating the light like during the daytime in front of a window. This light is very bright.

  3. Evening Lighting
  4. This setting has a lighting background that is darker, comparing to the daytime setting. And a tiny bit of pink hue creates warmer lighting.

  5. Regular Lighting
  6. Such lighting simulates regular lighting conditions like a lit room, for example.

  • Materials
  • A makeup vanity mirror with lights can consist of a wide range of materials: brass, plastic, wood, and iron. And surely, these materials create various patterns and designs to any taste and to any room decor. To give you an idea, if your home is old, Victorian type, the dark wooden furniture will complement it, and if your home is modern, it will be a good idea to opt for a white makeup vanity with a glass finish.

  • Size
  • When picking a makeup vanity table with lights, the size of the mirror is really essential. And it all depends on a person’s taste as well as on the available space at home. Some think that bigger mirrors are more practical, while others argue that big mirrors occupy too much space.

How to Choose Bedroom Vanity Chair

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Makeup vanity sets tend to include a chair. But if you don’t like the chair from the set or the set did not offer you any, you can purchase a vanity chair on your own. Here are things to consider.

  • Comfort
  • Will you feel comfortable while sitting?

  • Material
  • Firstly, pick the same material for your chair and table. Secondly, avoid low quality materials. And finally, keep in mind your home decor when observing various materials. Which one fits? The most common materials used for vanity chairs are wood, plastic, wicker, and metal.

  • Color
  • Match the color of the chair with the color of the table. We do not tell you to pick the exact same shade. One shade different will work great, as well.

  • Size
  • First, measure the makeup vanity table height, and only then shop for the chair. Otherwise, you risk at buying the chair that won’t fit in.

  • Design
  • You will see and also use this chair every single day. So, pick the design that you are sure will never annoy you.

Practical Storage

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Your vanity probably includes drawers, but there is more required to organize the makeup neatly. Is there a practical and nice way to keep the cosmetics in place?

Makeup organizers can be pretty helpful and look nice! Place some on your desk, and you will easily reach all your brushes and other beauty items.

What does a quality organizer involve? Many slots and drawers.

And there are organizers designed specially for drawers, which is really practical, too.

Organizers are important as they will allow you to use the most space and feel comfortable while applying your makeup.

Popular Styles

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Well, we hope that now it is clearer to you which vanity to choose. And the style is the last but not least thing to consider.

A traditional style is not boring, despite the common belief. People tend to pick it for the further customization. A carpenter will help you create the design of your sweetest dreams.

A vintage style will work for those who care for the environment or just don’t want to splurge on something they already have. Why not add some elegance and character to your decor?

A minimalist, also called Scandinavian style. If you like all things minimal, this is for you.

Add a Cute Touch

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And the final, cute touch – place some candles or flowers on your vanity. This will not only enhance the design but also boost your mood. Thus, you will feel happier when applying your makeup. And a happy mindset will definitely lead to better results.

If there is enough space, you can buy a nice jewelry mannequin and place it on the table to display your pretty necklaces.

To add some elegant vibes, keep pretty perfume bottles, maybe even empty ones, on the table.

Remember that no matter the size, material, or design of your vanity, if chosen to your taste, every day will start with your smile, which is the main goal here.

We really hope that our expert pieces of advice will help you choose the ideal vanity when you go to the shop. What else can we do for you? We can wish you to experience only the nicest moments in front of your vanity. And if you ever have more questions, come back to us. We are sure that you will find the answers here.

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