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Nowadays nice eyebrows equal natural eyebrows. But even to get the effect of natural ones, there is a lot of ground to be covered. In fact, there is an opinion that your eyebrows can say a lot about your personality. That is why we decided to have a look at the most popular eyebrow shapes and what they mean.

Upward Nice Eyebrows

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How to fill in your eyebrows so that they are perfect? That is a popular question. But before filling in, find your perfect shape first, if it is an upward one, follow our lead!

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Curved Eyebrows

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Eyebrow powder is one of the many products you can use while forming your perfect shape. Those with curved eyebrows know how important it is to fill in the spare spots for the ideal full-eyebrow effect.

«S» Shape Nice Eyebrows

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S-shaped eyebrows are perfect for those who have round faces. Since the wrong shape can ruin everything, you should be careful while shaping your eyebrows. The beauty of S shape lies in its ability to slim and enhance the beauty of your features.

Soft Arch Eyebrows

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Soft arched eyebrows are peculiar to artistic and dreamy people. Well, that is what specialists say. Yet, if you like the shape but do not feel artsy, there is nothing wrong with you. You like it – you take it, as simple as that!

High Arch Shape

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Even though high arched eyebrows look stunning, it takes time and effort to get there on your own. So, if you do not feel confident enough but want this shape badly, you’d better visit the specialist.

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