Best Nude Lipstick Colors for Your Skin Tone

Nude lipstick is the basis of almost any make-up – natural, bright, or just make-up with an accent on the eyes. But it’s very important to choose the right shade of lipstick for your skin type. In this article, we will help you with the choice and application of neutral lipstick. First, let’s define your skin tone.

Shades of Nude Lipstick for a Fair Skin Tone

For a fair skin tone, the best option would be warm shades of liquid lipstick. But medium shades of neutral lipstick are suitable, too. Too dark lipstick will look too brown, and this is not good. If you put too light lipstick on your lips, you will look like a zombie.

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If You Have a Medium Skin Tone

Matte lipstick will work for this skin tone. But remember, if the color of neutral lipstick completely coincides with the tone of the skin, it’s not good. For medium skin with warm tones, you can choose beige or light pink lipstick. Pink should be warm at the same time.

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Which Shade of Nude Lipstick You Can Choose for an Olive Skin Tone

If you have olive skin tone, you are a very lucky girl. You need to remember only one rule: the shade of neutral lipstick should be different from the skin tone. Otherwise, you will have “light green”. Choose a caramel-beige shade, or brownish nude, or light pink matte lipstick.

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For a Girl Who Has a Dark Skin Tone

You need to choose chocolate and caramel shades of neutral lipsticks. If you want the accent to be on the lips, you need a liquid lipstick and it should be lighter than your skin tone.

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Shade, Colors, and Types of Nude Lipstick

Colors of nude lipstick are divided into three main groups:

  • warm colors are suitable for girls who have a medium skin tone. They include peach, orange, and coral shades;
  • cold tones of lipstick include almost all pink shades;
  • neutral colors include beige, brown, and terracotta.

If we are talking about the shades, they are:

  • light
  • medium
  • dark

Also, lipsticks are divided into glossy, pearly, and matte.

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Basic Rules for Bright Make Up With Nude Lipstick

  1. When you are buying a neutral lipstick, take a pencil, too. A clear contour is needed for the lips.
  2. Nude shades ruthlessly emphasize all imperfections of the skin, especially dryness. To solve this problem, you need to use scrub. Before applying lipstick, especially matte lipstick, scrub the skin of the lips.
  3. Put an accent on the eyes or eyebrows to balance the lower part of the face. Choose natural-colored smoky eyes and classic black liner.

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Nude Lipstick and Natural Make Up

If you want to look perfect, attractive, but natural, neutral lipstick will help you. Most professional make-up artists will agree that natural make-up is an art. For a natural make-up, we recommend choosing a deep, intense color of neutral lipstick. You can choose a classic liquid lipstick with a shine.

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