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Every babe has her best eye makeup tutorial waiting for her somewhere. And we believe that you can find yours here. We looked through various kinds of tutorials and decided to focus on the basic eyeshadow application techniques this time. Scroll down to learn how pros prefer to apply eyeshadow.

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Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas

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You have probably read dozens of makeup tips related to smokey eye makeup. Well, this look is probably the most popular. Apply the lightest shade to the inner corner of the eye and below the brow. Use a medium shade for the lid and the darkest shade for the cut crease, outer corner, and lower lid. Blend all the lines.

Cut Crease – How to Apply Makeup

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How to apply makeup so that your look is bright yet elegant? Try a cut crease technique. To achieve this look, use either a chiseled brush or an eye liner pencil for the crease of your eyes. Just apply a line and then blend it a bit upward. It’s always possible to experiment with shades here.

Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

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You can use either eyeshadow or eyeliner to get the cat eye makeup. Naturally, eyeshadow will grant an appearance that is softer, while eye liner will make the look more defined. Start with the outer corner as that’s the place where the most difficult part will be. So, you can redo it if you don’t like it. Line close to the lashline and upward in the direction of the outer corner of your eye. Use the darkest eyeshadow for the outer corners of your eyes. Apply it in a winged shape. Next, take a special pencil brush and go over that line to soften it. This technique will help you elongate your eyes and make them appear almond rather than round.

Snow Globe – Apply Eyeshadow Like a Pro

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Snow Globe is an ideal makeup application technique for babes whose eyes are narrow and little but who wish them to appear rounder. If you want to achieve the look that is more dramatic, here is a trick: apply shimmer eyeshadow in the center and go for matte for the outer and inner parts of your eye. Blend thoroughly the lines in the places where the shades meet.

Fan Shape Eyeshadow Application Idea

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They also call this technique ‘divide in thirds.’ Starting from the inner corner of the eye, you apply the lightest shade and go darker towards the outer corner. Thus, you will achieve a sort of gradation. This technique will work for any eye shape. Just ensure that you blend each shade perfectly to avoid any harsh lines.

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