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Orange lipstick looks so tasty and extraordinary but not every one of us is bold enough to pull off this look. And there is nothing weird about it, since before trying something as colorful you need to know if it suits you. Plus, what is trending now? Read on to learn.

Fashion Fair Lipstick

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Fashion fair lipstick is not only limited to fashion shows. We all can try it out. Not to the office, of course, but a date out would be brighter with such orange lip with sparkles makeup.

Сoral Lipstick

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Coral lipstick is not less bright than the orange one, the difference is that it can be easily used every day. Even if you add dark smokey eye makeup to it, it will still look soft.

Orange Lipstick Looks

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Sometimes you can’t but wonder what brick-colored lipstick looks best with? Well, we are able to answer that, even to show you the proof. Brick lipstick looks undeniably charming with gold smokey eye makeup.

Summer Makeup Ideas with Orange Lipstick

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They say that red-haired can’t wear orange tones when it comes to makeup. But we think that is a totally false opinion because not only the hair color is taken into consideration but also the eye color and complexion.

Orange Lipstick Shades

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When you start to discover the world of orange lip glosses, you will be amazed of how many shades there are and you haven’t even thought they existed. Just like this pumpkin-colored lipstick. It looks so deliciously juicy, don’t you think?

Ombre Lips

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Orange shades look so awesome when you decide to go for a transition. For example, when getting ready for the Labor Day party, why not use this fabulous brown to orange ombre idea? The perfection of fall shades is fantastic!

Attractive Orange Lips

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Matte orange lips have that retro vibe that is so popular these days. But be careful with this powerful weapon, since if you are not fair-skinned or your skin is not medium with warm undertones, then this look may be not for you.

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