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How To Keep up With Pastel Colors Makeup Trend

Pastel colors makeup can make you panic the first time you hear about it, but we are here to reassure you that there’s nothing difficult when it comes to it. Pastel colors started to get popular not only among fashion designers who started including pastel-colored materials but also amongst professional makeup artists. More and more people start following the trend with pastels and we get why. They make you look soft, flirty but without turning your look into too much. Also, pastels are really easy to work with. Their texture gives you the pleasure of combining any colors you prefer with them blending perfectly with each other. Isn’t this a dream? They will look beautiful on any skin color, especially paler ones, but don’t get upset if your skin is of a warmer tone. Use some light colored eyeshadow base and it will also look good on you! Make yourself look trendy without putting much effort and turn heads when you walk through the crowd. It doesn’t matter if you wear your pastel colors makeup in your daily life or when you go out, it will always work for you.

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Sweet Pink Eyeshadow

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Sweet Pink Eyeshadow picture1
Sweet Pink Eyeshadow picture2
Sweet Pink Eyeshadow picture3

Every time you wake up in a creative mood and you don’t mind trying something new, think of doing pastel colors makeup. Soft but innovative, it will give you the desired effect. Do you want to try it but don’t want anything crazy for a fresh start? Then sweet pink pastel eye makeup will be the right choice for you. Just imagine how good a pastel pink color will look in your eyeshadow game. Put a light pink pastel color in your crease to bring out some definition and add a little bit of glittery pink eyeshadow onto the lid. Don’t forget to smoke out your lower lash line and to highlight your inner corner as well as your brow bone to complete your pastel eye makeup look. Believe us you will be impressed with how easy this makeup is and how well it will complement your beautiful face.

Outstanding Yellow Eyeshadow

Source: pinkperception via Instagram, pinkperception via Instagram, landofmakeup via Instagram
Outstanding Yellow Eyeshadow picture1
Outstanding Yellow Eyeshadow picture2
Outstanding Yellow Eyeshadow picture3

Do you want to bring something new and fresh into your look with the help of pastel colors makeup? Add some pastel yellow eyeshadow and you won’t be disappointed. Bright and soft at the same time, it will definitely turn heads when you walk by. And trust us, not in a bad way at all. Most of the time people are afraid of yellow in their makeup routine, and we don’t get why. You should find the right combination with your juicy choice, and it will be your favorite. White, pink, lavender, green pastel colors will look absolutely gorgeous with yellow pastel if blended well. Don’t miss such a great opportunity to wear it.

Blue Eyeshadow For Pretty Pastel Colors Makeup

Source: pinkperception via Instagram, pinkperception via Instagram, pinkperception via Instagram
Blue Eyeshadow For Pretty Pastel Colors Makeup picture1
Blue Eyeshadow For Pretty Pastel Colors Makeup picture2
Blue Eyeshadow For Pretty Pastel Colors Makeup picture3

Most of the people criticize using blue eyeshadow nowadays, associating it with old ladies who don’t know how to blend properly but as for us, it’s a huge mistake. Just look at these blue pastel makeup looks and inspire yourself to use more of it in your makeup routine. It will definitely help you to bring out the color of your eyes and make you look as noticeable as possible among other people who are afraid to stand out. Perfectly blended in a great combo with your eyeliner it will become your favorite make up look.

Lilac Shades Look Great

Source: pinkperception via Instagram, pinkperception via Instagram, pinkperception via Instagram
Lilac Shades Look Great picture1
Lilac Shades Look Great picture2
Lilac Shades Look Great picture3

Lilac eyeshadow should become a number one choice in pastel colors makeup looks for those who have green eyes. Gorgeous, that’s the only thing we can say about how it looks on the eyes. Such colorful and deep-toned eyeshadow shades should not be put aside. Dare to be creative and you will love the result! Your eyes will appear only greener and will make people forget what they wanted to say as soon as they land their eyes on yours.

Sweet Peach Shades

Source: pinkperception via Instagram, landofmakeup via Instagram, landofmakeup via Instagram
Sweet Peach Shades picture1
Sweet Peach Shades picture2
Sweet Peach Shades picture3

With a tendency of makeup lovers of using warm tones, this pastel peach color eyeshadow became a holy grail, not for only one person for sure. It became so popular that mostly every eyeshadow palette includes it. And that’s so great as you won’t need to spend a fortune on new products to keep up with the new pastel colors makeup trend! Sweet, soft and beautiful peach pastel color is often used as a transition shade. It gives depth to an eye makeup to the owner of every skin tone, so just add it more to the lid and enjoy it even more!

Pastel Colors Wings

Source: landofmakeup via Instagram, landofmakeup via Instagram, landofmakeup via Instagram
Pastel Colors Wings picture1
Pastel Colors Wings picture2
Pastel Colors Wings picture3

A lot of makeup companies started to produce pastel colored eyeliners and we’re so glad they did. A huge choice of colors only helps people to get “outside the lines” in their makeup without looking too bright and that’s exactly what they aspire to. Pink, white, lilac, blue, peach, green, yellow – how bright you can make yourself with only the help of one product! Choose different ones to match your mood, and we promise that you won’t get bored with them!

Lipstick For Pastel Colors Makeup

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Lipstick For Pastel Colors Makeup picture1
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Lipstick For Pastel Colors Makeup picture3

For sure we usually pick our all-time favorite nudes and red colors of lipstick to stay on a safe side, but why don’t we use something different once in a while? Pastel colored lipstick will be a great choice. You might ask us how to wear pastel lipstick and not look too much? The answer is to choose the one to match your mood and eyeshadow look. Having the soft, slightly visible makeup on your eyelids? Then play with some colorful lilac or mint lipstick to add some creativity. Mostly translucent they will only give some shade to your own color of lips without making you look like a clown (the most random fear most people have when it comes to these colors). For those who don’t want to experiment too much but still wants to try out pastel color lipstick, we have a great suggestion to use some lilac, mauve, pink or peach pastel colors. Most popular ones on the market, they bring out your individuality even though they are still subtle and soft. Find right undertones of lipstick for your skin color and amaze strangers and friends who see you.

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