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What does perfect eyeliner look like? That answer to that question can be pretty vague, as there are many factors that can have their influence on this. Besides, modern trends are changing with the speed of light and sometimes keeping up with all of them is a tough business. Yet, we try our best to make sure that there is nothing you would miss when it comes to the recent trends.

Chic Eyeliner Wings

Source: Miaumauve via Instagram, Melissasamways via Instagram, Vanyxvanja via Instagram
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Eyeliner wings are totally on the edge of popularity and there is no one who hasn’t tried to replicate it at least once. But what to do to make your winged eye look totally chic? The answer would be to combine it with a midnight-blue smokey eye look.

Cat Eye Eyeliner

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To make cat eye eyeliner stand out, there is not that much to add. Even neutral eyeshadow goes perfectly well with cat liner and accentuates the beauty of dark eyes, bringing them that touch of Arabian magic many women crave for.

Colored Perfect Eyeliner Wings

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Colored eyeliner winged makeup is something that not every one of us would dare to try out. Especially when we have in mind a combination of red smokey eye makeup and white winged liner. Would you dare to try it?

Pin-up Eyeliner Wings

Source: Makeupbyliha via Instagram, Lavender.olive via Instagram, Jasmijniris via Instagram
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Pin-up winged eyeliner is the source, there is no doubt about it. But today we have so many possibilities that it would be a waste not to try to update the look. Like this sweet combination of sandy eyeshadow and blue liner.

Arabic Eyeliner Wings

Source: Shivangi.11 via Instagram, Pinkperception via Instagram, Jasmijniris via Instagram
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The beauty of Arabic winged eyeliner is not to doubt. And we simply couldn’t leave this stunning coffee-shaded cut crease look. So much elegance and style just in one makeup look. Simply amazing!

Luxe Eyeliner Wings

Source: Littledustmua via Instagram, Landofmakeup via Instagram, Makeupbyan via Instagram
Luxe Eyeliner Wings picture1
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It may sound pretty obvious but the coloring matters. And even and smooth eyeliner is not everything you need to get that irresistible and sassy look. Combine the shades so that the natural beauty of your eyes is enhanced!

Perfect Eyeliner for Feline Style

Source: Vanyxvanja via Instagram, Nasiabelli via Instagram, Melissasamways via Instagram
Perfect Eyeliner for Feline Style picture1
Perfect Eyeliner for Feline Style picture2
Perfect Eyeliner for Feline Style picture3

When there is a fancy and important event ahead, do not neglect your eye makeup in any case. Opt for something noticeable but elegant, like this dark blue liner with the addition of a sparkling gold outline.

Main photo by Makeupbymeggan

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