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Purple eyeliner trend comes in right when we started to think how boring the regular black eyeliner may be. But while black liner is universal, the purple one may be a little bit tricky. But don’t worry, as you have our help at your disposal!

Stylish Eyeliner Looks

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As with all the eyeliner looks, you may want to start with something simpler. And in our opinion, that would be light purple eyeshadow combined with darker shaded liner. Nothing too complex and the look is to wear anywhere.

Covergirl Eyeliner

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Covergirl eyeliner is super handy when you are aiming at creation of something stunningly ethereal. And that would be something like this glittery purple winged eyeliner with lilac shaded lips. Sends chills down your spine, doesn’t it?

Party Makeup Ideas

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Where there is a party there is freedom. And that freedom concerns your makeup, too. Step away from the rules and go for something unique, like this purple winged eyeliner combined with copper smokey. A killer combination, right?

Makeup Ideas to Look Attractive

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With purple liner on your side, there is not so much you need to look super attractive. What we would suggest you is the neutral smokey with the hint of sparkly highlights in the corners of your eyes in addition to the purple liner.

Chic Purple Eyeliner Ideas

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If you decide to go all purple, we wouldn’t judge you as we know how gorgeous it looks when done properly. Purple smokey and purple winged eye, purple waterline and underline, what is left to say? Purple perfection!

Cool Eye Makeup Art

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At times when you decide to let your creativity out, do not limit yourself to just one shade or one color. Purple combines well with anything, so the creation of a rainbow-colored masterpiece will lead you to the victory!

Purple Eyeliner Looks

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The combination of blue and purple looks fantastic together if you know a thing or two about the blending. And deep blue eye makeup accentuated with purple liner looks undoubtedly fabulous!

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