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When we think of purple lips, the first thing that pops up in our head is that it is the latest trend. But when it comes to picking one for yourself, you would rather prefer something less eye-catching and bold. Are we right about that? Probably we are. And we want to show you how amazing purple can look on your lips.

Chic Purple Lip Color

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The lip color has that special ability to express your mood. Just like this purple shade with the addition of rhinestones.

Elegant Dark Purple Lipstick

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Dark purple lipstick can always look different if you succeed in the light to dark transition. Wearing one shade may be in the past as the era of ombre is totally on the edge of popularity!

Ombre Purple Lips

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Undoubtedly, purple can look elegant. All you need is to pick the correct shade. Just look at this royal-shaded matte violate lip color, would you be able to resist it?

Purple Lipstick Ideas

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If a contrasting and edgy look is what you seek, we have a suggestion for you. Use the black liner for the bold outline and the special effect is granted. We dare you to try it!

Deep Purple Tone

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Deep purple shades of lipstick go well with any makeup. But if too dark is not your kind of thing, we would advise you to combine soft gold smokey and deep matte lipstick. Looks so soft and sweet despite the slight contrast.

Beautiful MakeUp Ideas for Blondes

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If you are blonde and have blue eyes, pulling off purple shades is super easy for you. Light lilac smokey completed with purple ombre lips is exactly what you are looking for!

Awesome Purple Lipstick

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There is no such a thing as too much of purple for all the fantasy lovers. Purple hair, purple lip makeup, purple eyeshadow, purple highlights. This magical look is breath-taking!

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