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Makeup Routine for a Round Face Has Never Been Easier

Many ladies with a round face complain that they are unlucky. While we know how deeply wrong this assumption is. Yes, your face looks a little chubby, but there is nothing that nicely chosen makeup can’t deal with. What is more, round-faced people always look younger than their peers, don’t you think that is a nice advantage? Besides, that softness of a round-shaped face is simply indescribable. That is why we decided to gather a few tips on how you should use your makeup not only to enhance your natural beauty, but also to look extraordinary young and gorgeous, no matter the occasion.

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Makeup Tips for Contouring Round Face

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We all know that contouring techniques vary depending on the face shape. Yet, the fact that you are bound to find your cheekbones remains. Once you find the right spot, try to apply the shade a little bit higher to better define your features. Add a little bit of shade to face hollows as well, that will help you to achieve a slimmer look.

Apply Bronzer

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Bronzer is not less important than contouring, when it comes to a round face shape. Bronzer is your makeup friend that is able to slim down your face. All you need is to apply it along the jawline, using an angular brush. Yet, do not forget about blending to avoid sharp transition.

Apply Blush

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Very often ladies with chubby faces try to avoid blush, since it may draw unnecessary attention to their chubbiness. Which is wrong at the core, since if you know how to use it to your advantage, there is no way you will spoil the look. Warmer shades with a matte finish placed under your cheekbones are your perfect solution to make your face look visually longer.

Tips for Eyeshadow Application

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Eyes are windows of our souls. When there is a need to distract attention from your face, let your eyes speak. To do so, you should define them well, and darker shades are perfect for that purpose. Yet, keep in mind what suits your eye color best – properly chosen eyeshadow can work miracles.

Groom Your Brows

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These days, eyebrows are mostly the center of everyone’s attention. And when you think about it for a minute, you will realize that there is no wonder why. The thing is that your eyebrows accentuate your eyes, that is why you should pay special attention to the shape and filling. Angled eyebrows work best with round-shaped faces; with this shape, your face will appear longer.

Tips for Lipstick Application

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It is always great to combine all the forces to achieve the best result. That is why you should not leave out your lips. The thing is if you draw attention to your best features – eyes and lips, you will take away attention from your face shape. Berry and deep red lipstick shades are best for this purpose.

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