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Sometimes sexy eyes are everything you need for the win. Very often we go for sexy red lips, a flawless contour or a fashionable outfit. But the magic of all these components combined can be simply substituted with the power of your eyes. And that is what we are going to talk about today.

Sexy Brown Eyes

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How to apply eye makeup so that it is perfect? First of all, you should know what suits your eyes best. For example, these brown eyes look madly seductive with the warm brown eyeshadow and a hint of highlight in the corner. Wouldn’t you agree?

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Sexy Green Eyes

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Naked smokey eye is perfect for everyday usage. But if there is an important date ahead, we’d advise you to go for something more dramatic. Like this emerald green makeup with yellow waterline. Sends chills down your spine, doesn’t it?

Sexy Grey Eyes

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Grey eyes are beautiful but so cold-looking. What if we suggest you to warm up a little? Complete your winged eye look with warm peach hues. And to make your eyes pop, add a little bit of white to your waterline.

Sexy Eyes Makeup for Every Day

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Who said that you can’t look perfectly sexy in your everyday life? Of course you can. And there is not that much effort required, just a classic winged eye makeup completed with dark red matte lips.

Sexy Eyes Makeup Trends for Party

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When there is a party waiting, you want to be at your best, right? Yet, no one will be amazed at a regular smokey these days, that is why a bright red glitter smokey is the perfect way out. When finished with bright red lips, your look will be irresistible.

Sexy Eyes Makeup for Summer

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With the summer here, everyone switches to lighter shades not only in their outfit but makeup, as well. And what can be more summery than pink eye makeup complemented with pink lip gloss? Nothing in our mind.

DIY Sexy Eyes Makeup

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Not every sassy eye makeup requires a visit to the salon. Sometimes you can totally do it on your own. For example, this stunning gold makeup with blue underline is perfectly doable at home. Try it out and let us know if you are dissatisfied!

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