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Ultimate Makeup Guide into the World of Skin Tones

It is not a secret to anyone that there are various types of skin tones and they make us quite unique. Yet, not everything is that bright because when it comes to makeup – there is no perfect production that suits all. Before you find your perfect foundation you may waste a lot of time and effort, not to mention the means and that is pretty frustrating, don’t you think? And we only mentioned foundation, but what about lipstick shades, eyeshadow, blush, and whatnot? Worry not, we decided to save you a lot of trouble and efforts and decided to share with you a list of skin tones with all the suitable production to choose from accordingly. Let’s have a look!

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1. Things You Need to Know about Fair Skin Tones

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Even though many people may admire your royal skin tone, when it comes to your face makeup – here is when the problem arises. Yet, when you learn what to look for, you will forget about all that lot of troubles you had to go through to look your best.

Foundation: This is something you need to remember – to succeed with your foundation you need to know what is your undertone, either cool, warm or neutral. If you know that you can easily choose a perfect foundation.

Blush: Among all skin color types when it comes to fair skin you need to look for the most natural-like blush there is. What is more, warm skin tone works best with peach and coral blush while cool ones require a little bit of rosy pinks or mauve.

Bronzer: In case you think that bronzer is definitely not for you – you are wrong. But instead of going too bold, pay your attention to peachy or shimmery pink shades, but you need to be careful with it, try not to go over the edge.

Eyeshadow: It is easier than easy to fail with your eyeshadow if your skin is fair since too dark will grant you bruised look, too rosy will make you look sick and neutral won’t be noticeable at all. So what is left for you? Try bronze shades if your skin tone is warm and in case it is all about cool skin tone colors– opt for grey or metallic shades. As simple as that!

Lipstick: Very often ladies with fair skin think that they are limited in choice of lipstick shades. Which is totally not true since you can easily pull off anything from nudes to bold reds with this skin tone. All you need to pay attention to is the undertone. Warm skin tone works well with peachy nudes and orangey reds, while cool one looks perfect with coral nudes and bluish reds.

2. Enhance Your Medium Skin Tone

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Medium skin tone is something in-between light and dark skin tones and that may seem perfect at times, but it is not. The thing is that coming up with a proper makeup for this skin tone is quite difficult as well. That is why we will try to ease your task at least a little.

Foundation: As well as with fair skin, to find a proper foundation you need to learn what is your undertone first. Once you know that it shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

Blush: When picking your blush, you need to be careful in order not to go too light or too dark. That is why in case you have warmer undertones you should better opt for apricot or peach hues and in case you have cool undertones, rosy pink it is.

Bronzer: You need to be careful with bronzer too since all you need is to enhance your natural tone not to make it stand out. That is why it is best to opt for a bronzer that is only two tones darker than your skin tone.

Eyeshadow: When it comes to eyeshadow we suggest you consider bronze and gold shades when it is daytime and lavender and grey ones for a night out.

Lipstick: There is probably not a shade that you can’t work with, but you need to be careful with nudes. Since warm tones go well with beige-nude, while cool ones look better with something with pinkish hints involved.

3. The Beauty of Olive Skin Tones

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There is not even the slightest doubt that olive skin is simply outstanding, yet there are things to know about when it comes to enhancing it.

Foundation: As a matter of fact, the neutral foundation works well with olive skin tones.

Blush: When it comes to blush that compliments olive tone best that would be peach or pink hues but do not leave bronze blush out. Besides, women with olive skin are lucky enough to pull off shimmery blushes with no loss to their natural charm.

Bronzer: Matte bronzer would be perfect when it comes to contouring, but you do not really need to use one to warm up your tone since it is already outstanding!

Eyeshadow: In case you want to succeed with a perfectly natural look, that your perfect options are gold and bronze shades. But, if there is an important event ahead you should better think purples, blues, and greens since they look outstanding when combined with olive skin.

Lipstick: As for the lipstick. No matter the shade – orange, pink, purple or red they all look great on you, except for nudes. Unfortunately, there are almost no suitable nude shades for those of you with olive skin tones.

4. Tanned Skin Tones Secrets

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It is not only important to get a perfect tan; it is also important to enhance it in a proper way. That is what we are going to try to help you with today.

Foundation: You need to look for such a foundation that will not stand out on its own on your face but will blend in perfectly, that is why we think that light brown one is the perfect option.

Blush: It shouldn’t come to you as a surprise that you should use pink or coral blush shades to enhance your skin tone. Although, you can also try dark blush shades for a chance, yet it is totally up to you.

Bronzer: Bronzer is a nice way to highlight your cheek, yet you should better avoid shades that are too light or too dark.

Eyeshadow: Dark smokey eye or even a gold one is a perfect choice, but anything that involves bright shades – not really. Keep that in mind!

Lipstick: Bright lips look perfect with tanned skin. That is why reds, oranges, and corals are your best friends now, yet make sure that once you highlight your lips, try to keep the rest of your makeup more neutral.

5. The Magic of Makeup and Dark Skin Tones

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The beauty of dark skin tone is that is works perfectly well with all possible deep and bright hues. But there are still things to take into consideration, so let’s have a look at them:

Foundation: As with all the rest of skin tones, you should consider your undertone before choosing a foundation. What is more, it is important to make sure that your face tone and the tone of the rest of your body matches.

Blush: Deep mauve, orange, and cranberry shades are what you need if you are the owner of beautiful dark skin.

Bronzer: As for the bronzer, it is better to use more neutral bronzer shades.

Eyeshadow: The range of shades you can pull off with this skin tone is simply outstanding. Anything from bright greens and purples to deep burgundy is definitely your cup of tea. What is more, bronze hues will only bring some warmth to your look and will brighten up your eyes.

Lipstick: The same as with the blush you can experiment with bright lipstick shades. Anything from glossy pink to bright orange and berry hues should be tried out you!

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Infographic Makeup Hacks Concerning Different Skin Tones You Are Bound to Know

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