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The Best Spring Cleaning Makeup Tips And Tricks

Spring cleaning makeup tips and tricks are here to help us sort out our makeup collections! As nearly all of the girls are a bit of makeup hoarders, whenever we start to notice our drawers reaching capacity, we may get a little sad. It is correct to try not to add extra storage space to accommodate a growing makeup collection, but rather try to pare down all of our products to fit the units we already have. That is the way, we all should know we don’t have more than we’ll ever be able to use. (And by “ever,” we want to say, in a lifetime). Although deciding what we need to toss or donate can have us waxing nostalgic and wishing we could just keep and realistically use everything. Having a clean and organized collection can really help us keep our minds clear and organized as well. That`s why all of us makeup lovers need some useful advice to keep us sane while cleaning things out.

How to clean makeup brushes properly or how to keep products in an order – are things that we also need to know while sorting out the products as it’s not only about throwing things away. It’s also about organizing and looking after what we are keeping.

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Spring Cleaning Makeup Tips And Tricks On How To Clean Face Brushes

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Spring Cleaning Makeup Tips And Tricks On How To Clean Brushes

Reading through Spring Cleaning Makeup Tips And Tricks do you want to know how to clean makeup brushes easily? We will gladly help you with the best tips we have. Women use makeup brushes daily, so imagine how much dirt, dust, excess oil and dead skin cells set on them. It is really important to take care not only of our skin but also of tools that touch it. That’s why cleaning your makeup brushes should be one of the first points in your spring cleaning to do list. You can use special cleaning mixtures that can be bought in the nearest makeup store and clean them perfectly with its help or you can follow our step-to-step instructions that only require simple things you always have at home.

Also, keep in mind some useful tips if you want your skin to look healthy and gorgeous:

  • Step 1. Take a glass bowl, preferably the one you won’t need anymore and fill it with warm water.
  • Step 2. Add some liquid soap and mix it with the water in the bowl. Tip 1. You can use hair shampoo to deep cleanse your brushes.
  • Step 3. Dip your make up brush into the soapy mixture and twirl it around. Add more soap if needed. Tip 2. Hold your brush downward so that the water doesn’t get to the glue that is holding your magic wand together.
  • Step 4. You can use your hand or towel to help you get the dirt and color out of the brush. Just twirl it against them and it will instantly become cleaner. Tip 3. Don’t be too hard on your brush, just make sure the dirt is fading away.
  • Step 5. Rinse under the tap water to get the soap out.
  • Step 6. Softly brush it onto the towel to make your brush a bit dryer. Tip 4. Use your fingers to shape back your brush and put it on the towel to dry. Tip 5. When you put it on the towel, leave it on the edge of the surface (make sure hairs of the brush are not touching it). You don’t want it to become flat.

Great Reminder To Check The Expiration Dates

In our Spring Cleaning Makeup Tips And Tricks article we have another thing for you to do. Usually, we start checking an expiration date on the makeup products we use only when we clean our makeup organizer. The question is why if we should do that more often? We always forget how important it is to use products that are up to date and won’t injure our beautiful faces. Who wants infections or allergies? No one, that’s why keep a special place in the ultimate cleaning checklist for products that you can no longer use. This step in your spring cleaning routine must be really easy as you don’t have to decide whether you want to keep it or not. You have no choice. Look at the date printed on the package and throw it to the rubbish bin if it is past its due date. A great tip for products that don’t have one is to check their state. Look at the appearance they have, whether the consistency is good and they don’t smell bad. Make sure they don’t have any crumps in liquids and patchiness in dusty products.

Sort Out Your Collection Using Our Spring Cleaning Makeup Tips And Tricks

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Sort out Your Collection Using Our Spring Cleaning Makeup Tips And Tricks

The best advice you will find in top 10 spring cleaning tips is to break down your makeup collection into categories. Divide lipsticks, foundations, Eyeshadows, powders etc all apart and you will always be able to see what you lack or what you have enough of. Organizing your make up storage will help you to spend less time on finding what you are looking for. Find some boxes or plastic containers you don’t need for anything else and store your makeup in them. Next time when you’re in a hurry, you will be so pleased and thankful for organizing your makeup products like that.

Always Swatch Products You Use

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Always Swatch Products You Use

In our Spring Cleaning Makeup Tips And Tricks we would like to ask you what was the last time you used that lipstick? Why do you decide to take another eyeshadow palette instead of that one? Swatching the products you don’t use will for sure help you to answer these questions. Maybe your taste has changed and you stopped liking it, maybe just the trend of wearing that color of lipstick disappeared from the makeup industry. There are a few reasons why we stop using things but just think of how much storage they take up in your collection. And if you don’t use them, why do you still keep them? Of course, it can be hard to let go of things, but things come and go, so don’t get too attached to products you don’t use.

Look For Similar Products In Your Makeup Collection

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Look For Similar Products In Your Makeup Collection

Attention! Don’t remove the swatches from your hand too quickly. Just compare. Did you find 3-4 shades of lipstick that are the same? Pick one you use the most and put away others. Why would you need 3 products that are completely the same? Imagine how happy your friend will be to receive that shade of lipstick she doesn’t have. Again, you will have more space in your drawers and it will become much easier to look for things while doing your makeup.

When Did You Use This Makeup The Last Time?

Just stop for a minute and wonder when did I use this product? Maybe you reach out to certain makeup during different seasons. You just should analyze and understand what you use more. There’s nothing bad if you stopped liking it or started using another brand, just consider why do you still have those then? Believe us, it will be better for you and your new preferences, as you will have much more space to store them after your cleaning routine.

Check Your Skin Type

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Check Your Skin Type

It is proved that our skin type is likely to change when we grow older, move to another climate or start living another way. Your oily skin can become normal one day and the products that were your holy grails will no longer be preferable to you. They will make your skin too dry when before they just worked perfectly for you. Our Spring Cleaning Makeup Tips And Tricks suggest you to re-evaluate your skin type and how the products you used before look on you. You don’t have to change the brand you used before. Just look at other products suitable for you now if needed.

Re-Evaluate Your Choices Of Products

Be honest with yourself and think if you still like or need this color of eye shadow or lipstick. Don’t tell yourself you would start doing a warm bronzed eye look if you had never done it before. Be realistic and reconsider the choices you have. It is okay to have various shades of foundation as we might get tanned when it’s summer, but are you sure your liking of this dark eye shadow will change if you have always preferred natural glam?

Make Your Products Visible

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Make Your Products Visible

If you’ve found products in the depths of your shelf you don’t use anymore but which are still dear to your heart, don’t throw them away instantly. Give them a try again. Put them into your actual makeup collection and give yourself some time. Maybe they will easily fit into your make up routine again, maybe they won’t. Just have them close for several months and then make your choice. If you still keep looking at them with hope without reaching out to them, then don’t doubt it and throw them away.

One More Chance To Repair Your Broken Makeup

Your favorite makeup product broke apart and you don’t know what to do? Don’t worry, we have a great tip for you to fix this problem. Take your broken product and carefully place the pieces back in the pot then take some isopropyl alcohol and spray it over before pressing the product to get back in place. This will definitely become a lifesaver for your holy grails which you keep tossing into your bag!

Infographic Spring Cleaning Makeup Tips And Tricks

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