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Choose Your Wedding Makeup Wisely

Wedding makeup is as important as all the rest of your bridal look. We know how difficult it is to make up your mind when it comes to wedding hair and makeup, they all seem so perfect and you would like to try them all. Yet, not every option you see in the magazine will suit you personally. To make your life a lot easier, we decided to gather here the best and the trendiest makeup ideas to flatter all of you, whether a blonde, brunette or redhead you are. We hope you enjoy!

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Wedding Makeup Looks for Blonde Girls

Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes

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A blonde with blue eyes looks truly sweet, but here’s how you can enhance your beauty for your Big Day to be full of magical moments and, what is also important great photos:

  • Lips. The best way to enhance the beauty of your blue eyes is to add some red shade to your lips. The effect will be even greater if you have some green undertones in your blues. But you should remember that the contrast between blue and pink is dramatic, that is why pink lips would go as a nice addition too.
  • Blush. Blush attracts attention to your eyes, that is why when you highlight your cheekbones, you automatically accent your eyes. Keep that in mind.
  • Brows. Correct eyebrow shape is not less important. You should better consult your makeup artist on that, to be a 100% flawless-looking.
  • Eyelashes. A set of nice falsies will always enhance that fabulous shine in your eyes.
  • Eyeshadow. Cold blue is best enhanced by warm hues. That is why we would suggest you to opt for any eyeshadow on the scale from terracotta to brown. In case brown hues are not your cup of tea, you should consider purple ones, since they complement blonde hair and blue eyes great as well. The choice is yours!
  • Liner. Bold cat eye or just a bit of a liner near the lash line is definitely what you should consider for additional definition of your eyes.

Wedding Makeup for Brown Eyes

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Bridal makeup is an important component of your big day, you’d better make sure that everything you choose is in a perfect harmony. If you are blonde with brown eyes, you should opt for the following:

  • Lips. Do not fear to look bold on your wedding day, do not leave the perfect red lipstick out.
  • Blush. Since blush is supposed to accent your eyes, you should in no case leave it out. Brown eyes go best with rosy or coral blush.
  • Brows. Thick eyebrows are still on the edge of popularity, in case you are a fan, you should use them to complement your brown eyes.
  • Eyelashes. To make your brown eyes look defined and unforgettable do not forget about your lashes.
  • Eyeshadow. To make your eyes appear bigger and brighter opt for deep brown shades. Yet, do not forget about the lighter shades for the contrast and complete look.
  • Liner. Winged eye is what you need to embrace that bold and daring chick that lives in you. Besides, it is extremely feminine and charming when mixed with brown eyes and all the makeup suggestions described.

Natural Makeup Looks for Green Hazel Eyes

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On her wedding day, a blonde with green hazel eyes will look her best, in case she will ask her makeup artist for a look that involves:

  • Lips. Natural wedding makeup always means nude shades. To tell you the truth, nude or rose lips are something to complement your gorgeous green eyes no matter what your choices are.
  • Blush. It is always important to choose the right tone to accent your cheekbones, but the trick with green eyes is that you can experiment with shimmer and use it only to your advantage.
  • Brows. Trust your makeup artist to work magic with your brows, since they are important to emphasize the beauty of your eyes.
  • Eyelashes. When you are sure that there is no need of falsies to frame your green eyes, at least opt for a lash curler. Besides, why not to opt for some purple mascara for once? Purple is that perfect shade that will make your green eyes look even more stunning.
  • Eyeshadow.Caramel shades work best to bring the warmth of your green eyes. Besides, all the copper-shaded eyeshadow will do perfect to highlight and define those hazel beautiful eyes of yours!
  • Liner. Add up a little spice to your look with a nice and soft winged eye.

Bridal Makeup Ideas For Brunettes

Wedding Makeup for Blue Eyes

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Do you have dark hair and blue eyes, and your Big Day is oh-so-soon? Then you should totally consider this:

  • Lips. The contrast that pink lips are going to bring into your look may be that exact last piece you have been missing. Do not be afraid of playing with darker shades!
  • Blush. It is never a good thing to leave blush out. Even the slightest touch of it will grant your face the definition and your eyes will shine like two deep lakes, mesmerizing everyone with their depth.
  • Brows. Sometime bold brows are necessary, since it is the best way to emphasize your gorgeous blue eyes, without going over the edge.
  • Eyelashes. Frame those clear windows of your soul with thick eyelashes, to be able to mesmerize anyone with just a look.
  • Eyeshadow. Among all the wedding makeup looks brownish and grayish lid shadows are more than perfect for brunettes. Yet, you should be aware that playing around with eyeshadows may be tricky, sometimes the most you need to accent your blue eyes are subtle brown hues. A little bit of shimmer or totally matte – either choice will look gorgeous on you!
  • Liner. Adding a liner to your makeup is a sure way to make your eyes wider and deeper.

Wedding Cute Makeup for Brown Eyes

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Oh, girl, we know how you lured him into marrying you, as who wouldn’t marry a brunette with brown eyes? Here are several tips for your flawless bridal look:

  • Lips. Leave all the party to your eyes and introduce pink nude shades into your lips.
  • Blush. Even a hint of natural blush will add accent to your warm brown eyes.
  • Brows. Apart from making your brows bold, you should pay attention to highlighting it as well. it will only enhance the beauty of your eye color.
  • Lush Lashes. Makeup for wedding involving a few falsies is never a bad idea. They will only make your look more prominent and your eyes even deeper than they are.
  • Eyeshadow. Complementing your brown eyes with brown-shaded smoky eye is simply a perfect choice. Add up a little bit of shimmer and people will start drowning in the depth of your beautiful eyes. Yet, since purple contrasts with brown, it is perfect to make your eyes pop. That is why you can totally play around with color and use it to your advantage.
  • Liner. Those who say that dramatic winged eye wasn’t made for wedding, haven’t seen how well it pairs with brown-eyed brunette’s features!

Wedding Makeup Looks for Green Eyes

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Do you have dark hair and green eyes? We can guarantee that you will bewitch all your guests, if you take our advice:

  • Lips. With green eyes it is all about the contrast. And what can be more contrasting than a combination of vibrant green eyes and perfect nude-shaded lips?
  • Rose Blush. The key point with blush is to keep it natural. Do not try to involve some bright unnatural shades in, though slight purple undertones are allowed, even required.
  • Brows. Since we want to keep it natural here, do not try to go over the edge with your eyebrows. Enhance your natural brows a bit and let them be.
  • Lush Lashes. When you decide to cheat a little and introduce falsies into, make sure that no one will notice that but you.
  • Eyeshadow. Cute makeup can be sometimes daring. Do not be afraid to introduce some red undertones into your eye makeup. It will only make your eyes stand out and glow from within.
  • Liner. Eyeliner is always at your disposal when you want to add that little bit of drama to your wedding look. Winged eye paired with green hues look irresistible together.

Makeup for Wedding for Red Hair

Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes and Red Hair

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Choosing wedding hair and makeup if you are red-headed may seem like a real torture. So many options, so many mistakes to avoid. But with blue eyes, it gets clearer. Since you are at least sure what shades to pay attention to when it comes to your eye makeup – earth tones are your besties, all those coppers and browns – beware!

  • Lips. When there is a choice between red and rose you should bear in mind how much drama you want involved. Yet, both paired with your red mane and blue eyes will look extraordinary.
  • Blush. It is never a bad choice to give in to pink blush, so not worry, it will only intensify the magnetism of your blue eyes.
  • Brows. Bold brows can be more than suitable while working with something as incredible as red hair and blue eyes combo.
  • Lush Lashes. Everyone needs a couple of falsies to intensify that magic of your blue eyes.
  • Eyeshadow. Gold hues introduced into your eye makeup would be the perfect suggestion. Gold enhances that richness and beauty of your blue eyes.
  • Liner. In no case you should leave your eyeliner out. it will only underline what is supposed to be drawing attention to – your eyes.

Wedding Makeup for Green Eyes

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Whenever you think about a redhead, you imagine a red-haired beauty with green eyes. Very often that is when your dream comes true, yet, the edition is required. No matter how naturally beautiful your eyes are, when the big day comes, you need some enhancement. We must say you shouldn’t be the one to be afraid of the experimentation, since with green eyes, you can pull off anything, starting with brown and ending with purple. Yet, make sure that the balance is kept.

  • Lips. Both red and pink goes well with green eyes, yet red is something that adds up more definition and juicy vibe to your look. It is up to you to choose whether to steal the show or keep in simple during your big day.
  • Blush. Make your jawline stand out and impact your eyes, with the help of shimmery blush. Highlight your cheekbones so that they reflect the magic of your green eyes.
  • Brows. No one dismissed bold brows yet, and you shouldn’t. let them be that final stoke that finishes the masterpiece.
  • Lush Lashes. Thick lashes, green eyes and red hair is already a killer combo. Who knows, maybe that all you need.
  • Eyeshadow. Purple is perfect for such a green-eyed goddess you are, but unlike all the other – you can play around with shimmer!
  • Liner. A nice winged eye is what you need to finish the outstanding look. Once its don, no n will be able to take the eyes off you!

Bridal Makeup for Brown Eyes

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Do you have red hair and brown eyes but not sure how to apply makeup in order to look your best on the big day? The wedding day is saved, here is why:

  • Lips. The thing is that both nude and burgundy shades work well with red mane and brown eyes. But, it is all the matter of choice – either sweet or super sassy.
  • Blush. Just a sweep of blush on your cheeks is what you need, do not go over the edge with it.
  • Brows. You should spend some time on your brows, but once it’s done you will understand how important this step is. There is no better way to define brown eyes than wil nicely groomed bold eyebrows.
  • Lush Lashes. If you are looking for something to bring in that vibe of mystery into your look, then false lashes are totally in!
  • Eyeshadow. Copper and bronze hues are more than special when it comes to brown eyes. If you add some metallic shimmer it will light up that fire in brown eyes—especially when defined with the help of bright gold liner or nice highlight in the inner corner of your eye.
  • Liner. Adding to much drama is not something you should seek for, that is why you should forget about dramatic winged eye. It is better to use eyeliner just to enhance the beauty of your eyes, a thin line near the lash line is more than enough.

Are these wedding makeup tips useful? Come check some more! With us you will become a pro in no time.

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