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Easy Ways To Master The Art Of Threading Eyebrows

From the ancient times, threading eyebrows has been known as the simple, painless and least invasive method of shaping brows. Today, the popularity of such a way of facial care grows rapidly. Stay with us, and you will know why.

Let’s find out how does eyebrow threading work! A cotton thread should be spin along the unwanted hair in a circular motion, like a mini lasso. During such procedure, the hair is taken out from its follicle, and the result can last for as long as after waxing.

But, if comparing threading eyebrows vs. waxing or other shaping methods, the first one has many more advantages:

  • The highest sanitary. The individual thread that contacts with your skin is thrown away after the usage.
  • Threading is the most accurate method of eyebrow shaping that can provide an extremely precise result.
  • You should not worry about any allergies or irritation while no chemical or artificial products are used.

Have a look at this wonderful threaded eyebrows before and after. There is nothing else to add.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Threading Eyebrows

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Threading Eyebrows

There are many benefits of threading eyebrows, and among them, one can distinguish the following:

  • Precision. Unlike waxing, tweezing, or lasers, threading can guarantee the most accurate removal of the unwanted hair.
  • Naturalness. No dangerous chemicals that can harm your skin are involved, just a cotton thread that is individual for each person.
  • Beauty. Threading will not only make your eyebrows look amazing, but will also enhance the blood circulation in the particular area involved. As a result, it can improve your skin texture, make it flexible and smooth.
  • Lasting. Usually, the eyebrow hair comes back within two weeks, but with threading, it will not show up until the 3rd week. With time, you can expect lighter hair and less volume of it.
  • Affordability. The practitioner doesn’t need some special equipment, but necessary skills only. Therefore such a technique of eyebrows shaping is easier in performance, cheaper and takes less time.
  • Painlessness. Does eyebrow threading hurt? It is known threading is not as painful as waxing and other hair removal methods.

Despite all the obvious advantages of an eyebrow threading, there are some subjective disadvantages to this method. Depending on the individual sensitivity, consistency of your eyebrow hair and professionalism of a person conducting this procedure you may feel some pain. Uneven, wrong and incomplete threading can ruin the beauty of your face, and all this is in the hands of your threader. If you have problems with your skin like itchy pimples, there is a risk to get the eyebrow hair follicles infected. Nevertheless, eyebrow threading is considered to be the most save technique of an eyebrows shaping.

How To Thread Eyebrows At Home Part 1

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How To Thread Eyebrows At Home Part

Your brows frame your eyes and enhance their expressiveness even without makeup. Shaping the eyebrows is an important part of caring for your appearance. Thankfully, you can now learn how to thread your own eyebrows at home. Here you will find the information how to do eyebrow threading step-by-step.

1 Step. Before you start, make sure that you have all necessary self-eyebrow threading tools: thick thread, small scissors, loose powder, and face astringent.

2 Step. Сut the thread 40-50 cm in length, after that tie a knot to join the two ends together. Knot the thread at least three times.

How To Thread Eyebrows At Home Part

3 Step. Once the ends are together, stretch out the thread into a rectangle shape as shown below. Make sure to get your fingers in there, with your nail pointing upwards.

4 Step. With one hand, turn the thread over to make an X. Once you’ve made an X, spin it again. Do these circular movements with the dominant hand that will perform the threading.

How To Thread Eyebrows At Home Part 2

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How To Thread Eyebrows At Home Part

5 Step. Put loose powder on the area you are going to thread. If you use compact powder the hair will stick to the thread better.

6 Step. Locate the hair you want to remove. Thread eyebrows in the opposite direction of hair growth. Place your hand into the position seen below and start threading. Open and close your hand to the thread.

7 Step. After all the unwanted eyebrow hair is threaded, trim the eyebrows with small scissors to achieve the shape you wish.

Do not waste your time asking «should I get my eyebrows threaded or not?». Try this simple but effective technique on your own and enjoy a wonderful result.

How To Make Threading Hurt Less

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How To Make Threading Hurt Less

The pain often forces people to refuse such procedures as eyebrow threading. But you should not let this fear become an obstacle for you. We will try to dispel myths about the threading and will give some useful tips on how to make threading hurt less.

As it was already said before, depending on the individual sensitivity, consistency of your eyebrow hair and professionalism of a person conducting this procedure you may feel some pain. Yes, eyebrow threading hurts the first time, but by the end of the first session, you’ll get used to this feeling. If the pain still stops you, here is the list of some pieces of advice that will help you forget about the pain.

  • Stretch your skin and fix it in such a position so that you do not offer any loose skin to the thread.
  • Find a skilled and experienced beautician who knows her job well.
  • Use the powder to remove excess moisture from the skin before threading and make it more smooth without the friction. Furthermore, it can make the procedure easier for the beautician too, as far as unwanted hair is seen better.
  • Use cold water, ice cubes or a cooling gel right after the threading. Applying such cold stuff on your eyebrows and skin around eyes will largely reduce the painful feeling.
  • Moisturize your skin to keep it healthy after threading.
  • Don’t wait till the unwanted hair grows back fully. The smaller it is, the lesser pain is associated with it.
  • Stay away from the sun, while it can give rise to rashes and itchiness. Medical and cooling creams will help you to avoid these unpleasant effects.

Useful Tips About Eyebrows Threading

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Useful Tips About Eyebrows Threading

Before threading eyebrows, you shall do some preparations.
First of all, you should think over the future shape of your eyebrows. With the help of a pencil you can do three simple measurements that will make your threaded eyebrows look natural:

  • the inside limit of the brow — make an imaginary straight  line from the corner of the nose to the inside corner of your eye;
  • the outside limit — connect the edge of the nose with the outside edge of the eye;
  • the arch of the brow — make an imaginary straight line from the corner of the nose through the pupil. Then fill in the gaps using the pencil to see the complete shape of your future eyebrows.

Sweep your eyebrow hair upward with the help of your spoolie. Use small scissors to trim a small amount of too long or stand out hair. Sweep your eyebrows downward, and repeat the same actions. Comb your eyebrow hair in its usual position. Be careful and don’t cut a lot of hair. Then start the threading as it was described in our step-by-step tutorial above.

You should expect some redness or irritation on your skin after threading. One may use some medical creams, cold water or ice cubes to soothe your skin. In an hour all the redness and pain will disappear. After that, you should check your eyebrows for any stray hairs; you may have missed.

After threading, you may no longer worry about your eyebrows for a long time. If you wonder how long does threading eyebrows last, normally it lasts about 2-3 weeks before eyebrows need to be tidied up again.

Are these tips useful? Come check some more! With us you will become a pro in no time!

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