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These Makeup Tips Will Change Your Makeup Game Forever

The makeup tips you are about to read will definitely change your makeup game. The number of masterpieces that can be created using makeup arsenal you own is enormous. Have you ever imagined that an eyeshadow palette may be used in a number of ways, not only as eye makeup? By the way, it is a great money saver. Some of the tricks will help you create a perfect Kim Kardashian contour and killer winged liner to slay all of your haters. Are you a total newbie or a skilled professional? Everyone can use these hacks. Explore our collection of tips to be on fleek every day.

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Main Secrets and Tips for the Perfect Makeup

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Main Secrets and Tips for the Perfect Makeup

These are the fundamentals that every woman is supposed to know. First things first, start with your eye makeup and brows. This will help you avoid fall out on your foundation. Secondly, try to do your makeup during the day when the light is natural. No matter how good your room light is, it will not show you all the flaws. Another crucial thing, you have to know your undertone. This is the key to buying the right shade of makeup products and not looking like a freak.

Makeup Tips for Contouring Face

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If you want to be contoured to the gods, remember these simple rules.

  • As for primer, it has to match your foundation. Both foundation and primer are supposed to have the same main ingredient, usually it is water or oil. It will help your makeup last all day and all night.
  • You may also adjust the coverage of your foundation depending on what you use to apply it. A dense brush gives you the fullest coverage possible. Use your finger tips for light everyday coverage.
  • The best way to apply concealer is in a shape of a triangle, and not a semi circle. This creates an illusion of a perfectly oval face.
  • In case you have no color-correcting concealers, add some eye shadow to your regular concealer. It works the same way.

Makeup Tips for Applying Powder and Bronzer

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Makeup Tips for Applying Powder and Bronzer

As for powder, there are two kinds of it – loose and pressed. Loose powder helps you set your makeup and secure it in place. Powder comes in variety of shades, but there are also translucent ones, they do not affect your foundation color. Pressed powder comes in handy when you want to touch your face up. Never set your makeup with pressed powder. The best way to apply bronzer is in a triangular shape. It will give you those perfect hollow cheeks you always dreamt of. When it comes to the final step of contouring, which is blush, stay far away from shimmery ones, unless you have picture perfect skin. Shimmery blush accentuates large pores and pimples. If you want a super natural glow, apply blush before your foundation.

Basic Tips for the Perfect Eye Makeup

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A good eye shadow palette may substitute a half of your makeup arsenal. You must be wondering how is it possible? Warm brown eye shadow may be used as bronzer, pinky toned – as blush, and white shimmering – as highlighter. As simple as that!

In addition to this, you may use a white eye pencil as a base, in order to make your eyeshadow show up more pigmented.

As for a winged liner, there are tons of tutorials on it all over the Internet. We are listing the ones that have been tried and tested. If you are a total newbie, try to outline a winged liner with dashes and dots and connect them or you may use some tape to shape a perfect winged eye.

Every woman has days when she doesn’t want to do sharp winged liner. Accentuate you lash line with eye shadow for a natural and effortless look.

When it comes to mascara, remember the following: in order to avoid those ugly clumps, try to wipe off a brush of your mascara, so that there is not too much product left on it. Also, a baby powder between two applications of mascara gives you additional dramatic volume.

Do you know how to bring dry mascara back to life? Contact lens fluid will help you out.

Some Tips For Brows

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Some Tips For Brows

Everyone wants and loves natural-looking brows. For this matter, we would strongly recommend not to tweeze your eyebrows on your own, especially when you are angry. The outcome may be horrible. Trust a professional brow master who knows what to tweeze and what to leave or just try not to go ham.

Feathery strokes with your eyebrow pencil are another key to making your brows look natural.

In addition to this, a lot of attention should be paid to your brow color. It should be exactly of the same color as your hair. Keep your tone and undertone in mind while buying eyebrow products.

Another great trick is applying highlighter right underneath the curve of your brow. It helps defining your brows. Moreover, it will open up your eyes and make you look awake as if you have had a decent sleep even though you may have not.

Lipstick and Lip Liner Makeup Tips You Need to Know

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These makeup tips will be of great use since all of us want bigger and fuller lips. There is a hack to make them seem like that, and look natural at the same time. Line your lips only in the centre, that is above your cupid’s bow and under the centre of the lower lip. Line the rest the way you normally do. A slight coat of translucent powder over your lipstick will lock it up for the whole day. If you look for even greater dimension, add a touch of highlighter to the centre of your lips. Use your thumb to avoid lipstick on your teeth.

Something You Need to Know about Makeup Brushes

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Something You Need to Know about Makeup Brushes

Needless to say that brushes are supposed to be cleaned every week or even more often. Otherwise, you will get a serious breakout or other unpleasant skin diseases. Nobody wants that.

Knowing the purpose of each and every brush is one of the fundamentals. The basic rule for total newbies is that fluffy brushes are used for powder products and small ones are made for detailed work on your eye shadow look.

In case you don’t have a fan brush, take a regular brush and pinch it with a bobby pin.

There is a great and simple trick to make your eye shadows more pigmented. Wet your brush with water or setting spray before you grab some pigment. And then apply it to the eye. Keep in mind that this works only with glittery or shimmery shadows. Don’t try it with matte ones.

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