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Cute makeup is something that every lady is obsessed with. But when it comes to your big day and you are going to be in the spotlight, you want to look not only cute but rather unforgettable. That is why we present to your attention the most stunning and the trendiest looks of 2017!

Amazing Wedding Makeup Looks

Source: Talalmorcos via Instagram, Samerkhouzami via Instagram, Talalmorcos via Instagram
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Amazing wedding makeup looks require time and efforts spent, we all know that. But sometimes we leave out the fact that we should at least have in mind an idea of what we want. For example, this nude-shaded makeup for a blue-eyed bride.

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Chic Bridal Makeup Ideas

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Bridal makeup can still remain classic. It all depends on the bride’s wish. Just look at this red-lipped bride-to-be! Surely we won’t see anything unusual in the combination of red lips and natural smokey makeup. But you should agree that it looks super sweet.

Romantic Wedding Makeup Looks

Source: Elstilespb via Instagram, Elstilespb via Instagram, Elstilespb via Instagram
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While trying to create a romantic look, you should bear in mind that everything matters. All the components should interact and complete each other, just like this light smokey, rosy lips, and an ethereal hairdo.

Wedding Cute Makeup

Source: Vanitymakeup via Instagram, Samerkhouzami via Instagram, Vanitymakeup via Instagram
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Wedding makeup is bound to be light and charming, so bright colors or too dark ones should be avoided. The gold eyeshadow and the winged eye makeup look perfectly well when combined with nude lips.

Charming Makeup for Bridesmaids

Source: Jadeywadey180 via Instagram, Tominamakeup via Instagram, Tominamakeup via Instagram
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To make your pretty eyes shine, go for the gold eyeshadow and huge eyelashes. All you need to complete this beautiful bridal look is the perfect lipstick shade. And what we suggest is bright pink matte lipstick. Gorgeous!

Makeup Ideas for Beautiful Brides

Source: Makeupbysaloume via Instagram, Shlomit_makeupartist via Instagram, Yesidobeauty via Instagram
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Beautiful brides do not always need to put on makeup, that is surprisingly true – we must admit. But the outcome looks stunning. Just a hint of mascara and a drop of lip balm do the trick, and the unusual natural beauty is mesmerizing!

Cute Makeup for Special Day

Source: Netasharonimakeup via Instagram, Pascaldgheim_official via Instagram, Samerkhouzami via Instagram
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It is true that if you have brown eyes, there is nothing that you can’t pull off in terms of makeup. And just look at this olive-toned beauty with brown eyes underlined with purple eyeshadow for the greater effect. Charming, isn’t it?

Main photo by Samerkhouzami

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