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Wing eyeliner is that magical object that will help you achieve anything you want. We are not joking about this. In in case you have no clue what to do to make your makeup match with your outfit and style in general, then one of eyeliner ideas gathered here will save your day, or maybe night.

Classic Cat Eyes

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You can use eyeliner wing if all that you need is a little bit of drama added to your look. Do not be afraid to experiment with the color but that is optional, sometimes the lesser the better plays out well.

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Double Runway Wing Eyeliner

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You should be able to pick your look among all the eyeliner looks. It may be a tough decision but trying out a few looks before deciding upon one would be a nice idea.

Dramatic Cat Eyeliner Wing

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Do you know that there are more ideas involving winged eye than a solid black one? Why not step away from the classics and try some unusual style or coloring? Think about it!

Creative Eyeliner Looks

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Head for one of these stunning eyeliner ideas, and you will rock any event! These looks are so beautiful!

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